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Advice Needed, Pregnant again after 2 mc.

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Bonkerz Tue 26-Apr-05 12:59:49

Have just found out i am pregnant again after 2 previous miscarriages. I mc july 2004 at 7 weeks and then again in january 2005 this time i carried till 12 weeks but the baby is likely to have died at 9 weeks. As you can imagine im emotional and scared that im going to lose this baby too.
Im 6 weeks gone now and have booked an appointment with my GP on friday but i waanted to ask what i should be asking my gp for.

Dh and i need to feel like we are doing everything we can for this baby but dont know what this is.


sweetheart Tue 26-Apr-05 13:02:19

Bonkers, this is bound to be a very stressful and worrying time for you - I'm in a similar situation myslef at the moment.

Insist on booking in with your midwife early and ask for an early scan to be done. If they won't book one phone your local hospital direct.

The main thing is to try and reduce you stress to a minimum - it's only natural to be worried but stress can be bad during pregnancy.

Good luck hun, hope it all goes well for you this time.

Mum2girls Tue 26-Apr-05 13:03:49

Bonkerz - I'm so sorry for previous m/c, but it's almost certainly nothing to do with anything you did/didn't do.

The doc will probably tell you to do something that you'll find nigh on impossible to do - to relax and remain positive.

Thinking of you.

Azure Tue 26-Apr-05 13:42:56

Bonkerz, many congratulations on your BFP. I think you were on the August "due in" thread with me. I am 22 weeks pregnant after 2 m/c at 12 and 8 weeks (I also have a DS 3.8) and fully understand the emotions in being pregnant again. As already mentioned, I would try to get referred to the midwifes asap and ask for an early scan. This wasn't possible for me, so I had a scan privately at 7 weeks - TBH it reassured me for the moment, but a week later I was just as anxious. It's only now - following my 20 week scan - that I've started to relax and look forward to the baby coming. I know that must sound such a long way off, and not very helpful at this stage. It's impossible not to worry - the main thing to remember is that it is highly unlikely that you will miscarriage again and that you will not be doing anything that can harm your baby. It could be worth asking your GP about whether the midwife unit has a miscarriage counseller who you could speak to - it would be nice to have someone to call any time you are worried. Of course, the great thing about Mumsnet is that there are always people who have been through the same and can understand what you are feeling far more than some people in real life may. Take care and best wishes for a smooth and successful pregnancy.

Cyndii Tue 26-Apr-05 14:56:10

Bonkerz ~ I appreciate that you are stressed as it is a stressful time. I too had a miscarriage and this time I had bleeding but Thank God I had my scan last week and all is well.

When I had the bleeding according to my dates I was 6 weeks, and all they could make out on the scan was the pregnancy sac and told to come back to come back two weeks later which I did and they could see our little baby and I was told that I am 7 not 8 weeks.

So to put yourself out of your misery and ring your hospital and see when they'll take you for your first scan.

Good luck

bunny2 Tue 26-Apr-05 15:19:26

I wnet through this recently and it was a hellish 9 months with a very happy outcome. I was lucky to be scanned every 2 weeks from 6 - 14 wks as both my miscarriages had been missed miscarriages. The scans were stressful but reassuring. I also had my blood hormone levels checked every 2 days in the early weeks to make sure the appropriate increases were taqking place, this too reassured me the pregnancy was going well.

Good luck, statistically you are highly likely to have a perfectly healthy and normal pregnancy but I really understand what you are going through.

Have you seen the pregnancy after miscarriage threads?

bunny2 Tue 26-Apr-05 15:21:24

heres one

bunny2 Tue 26-Apr-05 15:27:59

and another

I read these many times and found them reassuring

expressmummy Tue 26-Apr-05 15:31:32

at what stage did you bleed and for how long and if you dont mind me asking what was the blood like as i bleed for the last 3 days only little bits and it was watery more than thick blood.

koonelly Tue 26-Apr-05 16:23:49

Hi Bonkerz, i agree, speak to someone as early as possible and find out whether your local hospital has an early pregnancy unit, if they do can usually visit anyday if you have worries and they will do a scan to reassure you. Just Knowing this option is there is very reassuring in the early weeks. At my local hospital you don't even have to be booked in with the midwife yet. Must admit after 3 m/c i didnt do the booking in til i reached 12 weeks as i found it all to upsetting, but did visit EPU a few times though just to put my mind at ease. I am now nearly 22 weeks pg and still finding it hard to relax even though had scan yesterday! But just trying to stay positive and getting through each week seems an achievement. Also after my last m/c on speaking to m/w she suggested taking low dose asprin (which i do) I did check this was ok with doc first though. You could ask if you could have the tests for blood clotting disorders as i beleive this is a quite a common reason for m/c ( although tests arn't conclusive). Anyway conratulations on your pg, be calm and hopefully all will be well.

Bonkerz Tue 26-Apr-05 17:37:07

Thank you everyone for your help. I know that my local hospital has an epu but with my previous mc i have found my gp unhelpful and also found i have to go through a&e to get into the epu. I had an early scan at 7 weeks with my last pregnancy but my baby dies after the scan and it was not detected till my 12 week scan.
I really want to be happy but feel emotionally drained at the thought of the next few weeks and the frequent trips to the toilet to check for blood. I just feel numb. I cant believe i have another life inside me and i cant let myself believe this is the baby im going to hold at last.

I am going to ask about the blood clotting as thats a condition that runs in the family and also am gonna press for hormone levels to be checked regularly. Want to see my midwife ASAP as well and will not leave gp on friday without my referral to EPU. I am determined not to be told to go and rest and not to worry! How can i not worry?

Thanks as well for the stories. I am hoping this is a case of third time lucky etc. Fingers crossed for me and my baby

bunny2 Tue 26-Apr-05 18:05:15

also cutting out caffiene might shift the odds further in your favour, caffiene is thought to be one cause of m/c. I too took aspirin although my gp said it wouldnt make any difference.

bunny2 Tue 26-Apr-05 18:10:10

I read a book called "Natural Solutions to Infertility; how to increase your chances of conceiving and preventing miscarriage" by Marilyn Glenville Phd. It was pretty good and the author who is well-respected I think, recommends extra vitamin E to help prevent mc - you could google to see if anything comes up.

Surfermum Tue 26-Apr-05 18:51:07

Bonkerz - I know how you're feeling. I had exactly the same, 2 mcs, then the third pregnancy resulted in dd. I didn't enjoy the pregnancy as I was worried until the point dd was in my arms that something would go wrong. And I kept sitting in meetings at work thinking I'd started bleeding and would nip to the loo to check. I'm sure I was completely useless to them while I was pg! Hope you can get some reassurance and fingers crossed for third time lucky for you too.

shhhh Wed 27-Apr-05 09:53:10

DH & I also experienced x2 m/c and we expecting again and are now 37wk +5 !
All your thoughts & feelings are perfectly normal and are to be expected when you have experienced what a lot of us have. Somehow it takes the pleasure out of being pregnant because of worrying so much, believe us we didn't stop worrying until around 30 weeks and we still worry now but over different things about baby!
Our hospital is currently scaning around 14-16 weeks and there was no way we could wait till then esp after we found out about baby at 4 weeks! We were lucky enough to be able to go private for scans at 6 & 8 weeks and the consultant we saw referred us to the NHS and she has continued to be our consultant at our NHS hospital.She encouraged us to be positive which also helped us. Due to our concern and constant worry she suggested scanning me every 2 weeks so we have been able to see baby develop at 6,8,10,12,14,16,18&21 wks. Some people think this may be a bit excessive but it was the only way of putting our minds at ease..well for about an hour after the scan then it was worry again.!!!!
Another thing I would suggest is prehaps taking time off work? I was ill with morning sickness for the first 16-20 weeks and the majority of that time was spent at home in bed. Personally we felt that helped me and baby to keep strong, I think there are some women out there who can carry on as usual when pregnant and there are some who need to be wrapped in a litle more cotton wool than usual iykwim.HTH

Cyndii Wed 27-Apr-05 10:27:53

Hi Expressmummy

Last time round (Christmas) I bleed at 11 weeks and had a scan immediately and there was no baby just the sac ~ blighted ovum I've learned since.

This time I bleed 4 times. 3 brownish, discharge on tissue when I wiped myself and 1 red again when I wiped myself. Sorry with he details but when you need info I feel the more detail the better. However, thankfully please God all is well.

I also bleed just the once with the ds at 6 weeks.

Hope this is of some use to you and Good Luck..

edd Thu 28-Apr-05 23:05:24

Hi Bonkerz, Sorry to hear about your m/c, and I really hope this pregnancy goes all the way for you. I know exactly how you feel as I have been through 6 m/c and I am now almost 32 wks pregnant. With this pregnancy I left the scan until 7 wks cause I really though it was going to be like the other m/c. After detecting a heartbeat the hospital prescribed aspirin tablets and innohep injections (daily) which I will be on till I get to 35 wks. They explained it was trouble with my blood clotting and thank god so far it has worked. Get your tests done and I wish you all the best in the world, I am still scared. Mind yourself.

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