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Excited and worried about booking scan!!

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mummygow Sun 24-Apr-05 22:13:13

This is my second preg and am really excited about my scan on Friday the only thing is I am really worried about what my consultant will have to say. I had an emergency c-section after an 18 hour labour and was up to 9cm dilated and even started pushing for 45mins - but I want to try for a vaginal birth and I'm scared that she will tell me that if I go overdue that they will not induce me - I have spoken about this many times on mn (since I had dd) but it wasnt a real worry then as I was not pregnant just curious - sorry for going on but it is really dampening my excitment.

Evesmama Sun 24-Apr-05 22:14:45

explain your concerns and im sure they'll do what they can to adhear to your wishes, however if push comes to shove(literally!!, the most important things is getting bubs dont be too dissapointed

hoxtonchick Sun 24-Apr-05 22:15:04

i think the rules on induction after a c-section are very strict as there's an increased risk of uterine rupture. fingers crossed you go into labour naturally nice & early! hope the scan goes well.

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 22:16:13

Can't really advise you about this, but just wanted to wish you well for the scan. It is one of the greatest moments of being pg, I think. (But can be horrendously nerve wracking too, I remember.)

Merlin Sun 24-Apr-05 22:22:50

Mummygow - I think you will find that the induction guidelines vary from one area to another. I was trying for a VBAC with DS2 born 2 weeks ago and was told by my consultant that they would only let me go 1 week over my due date and then try one shot at induction (probably breaking my waters if they could). As it was I started off naturally just 1 day over, but due to baby's erratic heartbeat and my failure to dilate quickly it ended in another section - but I was just happy that babe arrived safe and well. My consultant did a sweep just 2 days before my date which I think did help me on my way as well. Good luck with your appointment.

mummygow Sun 24-Apr-05 22:47:14

Thanks everyone for your support

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