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Varicose vein or something else??

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pamina Thu 17-Apr-03 21:38:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

judetheobscure Thu 17-Apr-03 23:02:28

Not an expert - only know what mine look like, but mine are all discoloured - various colours - purple, blue, slightly red, (multicoloured legs, me ) and the bad bits often fell a bit warm. Also had phlebitis a few times, a related condition which gives red sore patches which are quite hot.

Could maybe be that your legs are beginning to feel the strain a bit but won't end up varicose - you've not long to go now.

Can't help really re DVT but isn't that something you don't actually feel - happens without you knowing about it which is why it's potentially dangerous?

pamina Fri 18-Apr-03 12:57:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

windmill Fri 18-Apr-03 19:15:01

With a DVT you would normally see or feel a small lump so I shouldn't worry too much but maybe give your midwife a call. Maybe there is abruise there that just doesn't show and you have knocked yourself without realising. You may be bruising more easily as you are pregnant.

chanelno5 Fri 18-Apr-03 20:00:10

Hello again - hmmm, sounds like it could be a VV. Mine started to come up in my 2nd pregnancy and felt sore, though nothing visible. Now after no.3, it looks like a bumpy worm running down my leg - nice!! Anyway, don't get me going on about my veins, I won't be able to stop! If it is a VV, I'm sure it will feel better after you've given birth and lost the excess fluid. Try to keep your leg elevated and if you feel like struggling into a sexy pair of support tights (in this weather?) they may help. If it's any consolation, my vein's killing me too!! Thinking of you.

pamina Mon 21-Apr-03 19:44:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

judetheobscure Mon 21-Apr-03 19:54:58

chanel - have you ever had anything done for your vv? I'm in a quandary as to whether to get something done now, and if so what, or to wait until after my family is complete. I started another thread (vv - what should I do about them?) and wiltshiredr. replied that there was no reason to complete the family first bu as I'm hoping to get going with the next pregnancy some time in the summer I'm cutting it a bit fine anyway. What's your position? ie please, do get going on about your veins, I don't know anyone else who has them to the degree that I do, although I do know people who have had operations for vv that I could hardly even see.

chanelno5 Tue 22-Apr-03 18:11:55

Hi Jude - I would dearly love to get my VV's stripped, but my health authority won't pay for them, so it's either move to a different area (no chance!!) or go privately (equally no chance!!) As I'm currently pg, I'm not too concerned about it as I know it's only going to get worse. But when little sproglet is born, I will have to rethink my options as it is very unsightly and I definitely want to be rid of it. My mum recently had one vv stripped on the NHS and is due to get the other leg done soon. Her leg looks very good (better than mine, darnit!) so I think this is the way to go. HTH.

chanelno5 Tue 22-Apr-03 18:13:14

Hope your leg is feeling better, Pamina. Keep us posted!

judetheobscure Wed 23-Apr-03 22:49:07

thanks, chanel

Caterina Sat 26-Apr-03 18:44:04

Hi all
can I add mine on vv?
I have always had vv, since I was 12, apparently everybody in my family tree has or has had them to a certain degree.
I am now 34 weeks pregnant and they are worse than ever, I have new ones showing everyday. Not only that, since yesterday my ankles are really swollen and I can hardly fit in my shoes. My doctor said that everything should go back to normal once I have the baby, but I am not sure they will pop back in, and that I will be able to wear my normal shoe size ever again. Any reassurance on this?
As for the stripping of the veins, I was considering this before I got pregnant last year, and I will definitevely go for it as soon as I can: I have been warned by the specialist though that it is not only very expensive, but also very painful and it takes months to heal. You will have bandages for weeks after the op and it's best done in winter when it's cool and you can easily cover up!

helenmc Sun 27-Apr-03 19:34:32

caterina - Don;t worry ,my feet swelled before I had the twins, and I resorted to wearing dh's old green flash plimsolls - and yes they have gone back to their old size, altho maybe a bit wider.

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