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Has anyone had their health in pregnancy grant paid yet?

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chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 00:24:57

Just looked at the site and it says we'll get payments in April directly into bank. Has anyone had theirs yet?
Not sure about mine, I'll check bank tomorrow.

electra Fri 10-Apr-09 01:21:46

I don't think so - do they send a letter before they put it in your bank?

Longtalljosie Fri 10-Apr-09 09:07:12

I rang about this at work the other day (am a journalist). The man in the HMRC press office said payment would typically take two weeks. We shall see...

Champagneforlunch Fri 10-Apr-09 10:51:05

They are running late the recorded message says they will start paying out in May.

Tiaxx31 Fri 10-Apr-09 11:09:43

When do you get this payment, how many weeks do you need to be. What is this payment you are all talking about? How much do you get?

EvieBear Fri 10-Apr-09 12:20:58

Tiaxx - this is it: HiP info

Tee2072 Fri 10-Apr-09 13:14:40

Does the recorded message say anything about waving the 31 day deadline if the reason the deadline is missed is because they are so backlogged? Because that's the part that's annoying me!

welshbyrd Fri 10-Apr-09 13:29:37

i phoned them about 3 weeks ago, and was told they will start paying beginning of may. And that you wouldnt have any confirmation of your application, because the scheme is not yet on their computers, so couldnt say if they had recieve the application forms from indeviduals.

welshbyrd Fri 10-Apr-09 13:30:19

awwwwww and i beleive its £190 per family

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 15:28:55

Thanks for replies, I hope they get it sorted without any hitches. Cant believe it's getting delayed til May. Well actually I can totally believe it, look at shambles of starting up tax credits.

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 15:32:08

Just phoned helpline, all claims will be processed in date order. All claims received before 6th April will be processed by END OF MAY.

MegBusset Fri 10-Apr-09 15:35:00

What a joke -- I won't be pregnant by the end of May!

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 15:50:20

I wont either I'm due on 16th!

PuzzleRocks Fri 10-Apr-09 16:00:05

Lordy Trista, I won't get mine until June then.

chickaleggjac Fri 10-Apr-09 16:24:34

Bloody hell puzzle, they really are taking the piss aren't they!
Our babies will be getting fitted for their school uniforms before we all get our payments

Longtalljosie Fri 10-Apr-09 18:31:53

Hmmm. So I was thoroughly misled by a government press officer <faints with shock>. Will ring them up and bollock them ask again on Tuesday.

bekkaboo Fri 10-Apr-09 20:04:48

apparently the funds arent guaranteed! Some may miss apparently which seems typical of the government, my form has been lost in post (was sent recorded) they have no record of it and royal mail opened as lost case. and midwife wont issue me with another one,im so fed of trying to sort it ive gave up as not helping my BP!!!

brettgirl2 Fri 10-Apr-09 20:11:46

That's quite ironic Bekka.

If they say mine is missing I fully intend to take them to the small claims court.

summerbird Fri 10-Apr-09 22:22:04

that is ridiculous - i sent my form off in February and my babba is due beginning of June, serves me right for banking on getting it this month i suppose hmm

how difficult is it to set up a team in the run up to 5 april and process the payments - i used to work for the Govt and know how easy it is to implement when they can be bothered - pah!

benandoli Fri 10-Apr-09 23:26:03

How ridiculous, this money will only be claimed by those with the skills to claim it ie not the most needy, and is more likely to be spent at mamas and papas than on health related costs. The money would have been better invested in improving the amount of time avaliable with the midwife. Also if this encouages non attenders to see the midwife then time slots with them will be even shorter and more pointless!

Podrick Sat 11-Apr-09 07:41:54

Agree with benandoli and from the posts above nobody seems particularly appreciative of this unexpected windfall

brettgirl2 Sat 11-Apr-09 09:07:12

It isn't that people aren't appreciative - it is called a health in pregnancy grant. My due date is tomorrow and I am getting the grant at the end of May at the earliest. Therefore it can't be used as intended. The problem that people have is the incompetence with which the whole thing has been handled.

Songbird Sat 11-Apr-09 10:07:40

This is the first I've heard of this. Clicking on Evie's link doesn't really tell me what it's for? Is it only for women with health 'issues' when pg?

emmabemmasmom Sat 11-Apr-09 10:13:38

It is a grant for every single pg woman that is due after April 6th. Just started...although not really 'started' yet as you can see. It is not means tested you just need to get the application from your mw or gp...fill out your bit, they fill out theirs and you send it away and wait...and wait...and wait...

And hopefully after all the waiting you will get £190 in your account.

mumof2andabit Sat 11-Apr-09 10:14:28

No its for EVERY pregnant woman. Nice idea will really help out getting it but dont see how it will keep me healthy in pregnancy.....

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