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Peiod type pains at 34+ weeks......?

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Mirage Sun 24-Apr-05 16:42:05

I am just over 34 wks pregnant & have been having faint period like pains & backache all day.I didn't have anything like this with dd & she arrived on her due date after a VERY quick labour.(I was 7cms by the time I got to hospital).

Could these aches & pains be a sign of anything do you think? Or are they normal at this stage.The baby is quite quiet today too & I can't help wondering if something is going on or not?

Any advice?

Chandra Sun 24-Apr-05 16:45:32

It can be any other thing but I would ring the maternity guard just in case. (they are the only informed party likely to be open on a Sunday)

SoupDragon Sun 24-Apr-05 16:46:36

Er... period like pains and backache were the first signs I had with both my labours.

myermay Sun 24-Apr-05 16:49:29

Message withdrawn

Mirage Sun 24-Apr-05 20:12:58

Thanks everyone,the pains seem to have died down now.I'm off for a hot bath in a minute & then bed with a good book for a bit.

Myermay,I hope we don't have to put up with this for another 6wks,poor dh is a bag of nerves!

tiggerintum Sun 24-Apr-05 20:15:26

I've had pains like that since 20wks (27wks now) should I be worried?

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