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Maxi cosi speedi SX?????

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f1recr4cker Sun 24-Apr-05 14:24:10

sorry if this is thr wrong board but i wasnt really sure where to put this!

does any1 own one?? i like the look of it as it seem good value for money but have heard that it punctures easily??????

mogwai Sun 24-Apr-05 18:14:37

sorry, can't be much help, have a quinny buzz, but isn't the speedy SX the one with the funny front wheel that tilts? I could be wrong, but if it is, I didn't think it was easy to steer when I pushed it in the shop. Can't fathom why anyone designed it so awkwardly!

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 18:18:27

No the Freestyle has the tilting-steering wheel and the Speedi a 360o swivel, larger than the Buzz - all now branded as Quinny.

mogwai Sun 24-Apr-05 18:26:37


Well, the buzz gets my thumbs up, if that's any use. I ordered mine from Holland, it arrived within four days and I had a choice of about seven colours (only three in the UK)

f1recr4cker Sun 24-Apr-05 19:31:16

yeah thats what i thought- u can get a maxi-cosi speedi SX, carrycot, raincover and footmuff for £290 which i thought was rather good but if u were to get a buzz the pushchair bit alone is £300!!!! maybe its reduced cos they r end of line and r all converting to the Quinny name????

f1recr4cker Sun 24-Apr-05 19:32:30

hey have u had any puncture porblems at all with it as i heard that was a problem with it?

mogwai Sun 24-Apr-05 20:01:15

I haven't used it yet, just pushed it about the house A LOT!!!

Everyone that sees it thinks it's stunning. I bought the maxicosi car seat to fit in it today, looking to get the carrycot. I agree, all told, it will be 500 pounds, but it's very comprehensive. You still need to buy a car seat for the Speedy SX, so will be more like 400 quid when you've finished

f1recr4cker Sun 24-Apr-05 20:33:59

do u get a pump with it for the tyres? when r u due?

f1recr4cker Sun 24-Apr-05 20:34:38

this is the link so u can what im interested in:

mogwai Sun 24-Apr-05 21:55:40

due in eight weeks. I think I should have got a pump for the wheels, but the nice man in holland forgot to send it and now isn't replying to my emails! I've emailed the quinny people about it.

cab Mon 25-Apr-05 23:04:51

firecracker the glasgow pram centre has got the speedi with carrycot on special offer for £240 if you decide to go for it.

f1recr4cker Tue 26-Apr-05 13:24:40

thanks yeah that is where id get it from i yhink- just not sure about the whole puncture thing

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