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Feelings on pregnancy

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ChaCha Sat 23-Apr-05 19:58:31

I was about to post this on the brilliant November thread but decided to post it here. Thankfully I am PG with #1, had been TTC for a few years but ENDO and an ovarian cyst did not help matters, finally both rid of and got PG 3-4 months after last lap - a total surprise as I didnt TTC that month, how bizzare!
I have very mixed feelings about this PG, It's what i've always wanted yet i'm so sick and tired I just want to be me again and haven't thought much about the whole PG scenario. Do most women just fall into that happy PG bubble when the m/s subsides? A friend told me today that i mustn't get down and that it could have an effect on my relationship with baby when born, the thing is, i'm not down, i just think maybe I'm not ready..God, i don't know, i've been TTC for ages..oh never mind me - just a bag of hormones.
Peachyclair - do these tablets have side effects. I'm going loopy.

beansprout Sat 23-Apr-05 20:11:43

I just felt scared and overwhelmed when I found out I was preg, and for a while afterwards as well. Had thought about it and longed for it for so long and then I started to doubt myself. The first trimester is v hard I think. There is the anxiety until the 12th week, the horrible sickness and generally not telling people means we are just trying to act "normally" while feeling anything but!

I think having mixed feelings can be very healthy. It means you are considering all aspects of what is happening. It does get easier. You will start to feel better and I was always touched just by how pleased people were for me. It all starts to get more believable as you start to bond with this little thing growing inside you.

I was pregnant forever, having found out at 4 weeks and then delivering 16 days after my due date, but nature is a wonderful thing and I needed that long to be prepared for it all.

Best of luck and congratulations to you

logic Sat 23-Apr-05 20:37:59

Congratulations on the pregnancy! I think it's more true that you want a child rather than you want to be pregnant. Myself (and a lot of other people that I know) loathe the whole 9 months because we feel so ill and miserable but it is worth it to hold your beautiful baby in your arms. Don't worry if you don't feel blooming or glowing. IME that's normal! Besides, it is a big responsibility and if you weren't a bit scared and overwhelmed by the whole thing then that would be more worrying! Get lots of rest.

Nemo1977 Sat 23-Apr-05 20:46:11

aww hun
being pg is unknown territory. I dont think anyone is ever ready for it or for a baby no matter how much u prepare or want it. I do think your hormones kick in when pg to make u doubt yourself. I know uve prob heard it before but pregnancy tired is hard but nothing like with a baby...suppose th eonly bonus is that little bundle smiling at u....sorry not really helping am i but can empathise on the tiredness etc as am 6wks pg and am also chasing an 18mth old The second trimester is sooooooooo much easier than the first as u have a burst of energy and all the stress and ms goes as u sort of ease into your pregnancy.

CrazyDi Sat 23-Apr-05 20:54:46

Everyone is different during pregnancy and it seriously does the wierdest things to women!! I honestly believe the person that first said 'pregnancy makes women glow' must have been a man, because of all my little pregnancy 'niggles' glowing sure as hell wasnt one of them!!

I am 10 days over with number 3 and Im still not ready for number 1 or 2!

But When you first hold baby every doubt just disappears...I think thats one thing that every women experiences in their pregnancy!!

fruitful Sat 23-Apr-05 20:59:27

Yep, you're never ready for a baby! Even second time around, I got pg (planned) and then thought "help, I'm not ready, I can't do this". When the baby comes you muddle through until one day you think "hey, I can do this, I'm a Mum".

I used to want my body back, I used to wonder when I would get my life back. Then I realised I had a life, it was just a completely different one and it had a baby in it. You don't get your body back though - even when they're not feeding off you they're still jumping on you or clinging to you!

And pregnancy is just a means to an end, anyway. And small-baby-dom is just a phase. The good bit starts when they start getting interactive .

busyalexsmummy Sat 23-Apr-05 21:23:43

Dont worry hun, its perfectly normal to feel the way you do, i've been having a down day today as well, keep switching from feelings of-"I wonder which cot/highchair/buggy we should go for this time round" to "OMG am i crazy? how on earth am i going to cope, what the hell am i doing??"

i agree the ms doesnt help whatsoever, didnt have any yesterday but back 8am this morning really violently i remember last time round you forget the ms etc by (if it goes away) a few week after its gone and go on to enjoy a great "blooming" 2nd trimester, everythings great and you forget how cr*ppy you feel in the first 12 weeks until your on your 2nd pregnancy

Dont feel too concerned, its normal and hopfully your'll feel better soon and dont feel bad that your feeling like this even if you've been ttc for however many years etc, pretty much everyone feels like this at this stage no matter wether the baby was desperately wanted or not, i think we all have the right to complain and whinge a little when ms and the likes kick in

chin up petal xx

Enthusia Sun 24-Apr-05 08:18:55

I haven't been able to think about the actually having a baby part until now. I was actually sick after reading a website that had piccies of what my baby would look like at this stage!!! I still don't feel as if I am bonding at all, and part of me doesn't believe it is actually real. I am half dreading, half bursting for my 12 week scan on Wednesday, I am so scared incase we find out something went wrong, but I want it to feel more real. I want to feel happily pg not horrible all the time. I really don't seem to be able to visualise what it will be like to have baby, but my DH can.

You are def not alone ChaCha!!!!!

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