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bump feels like it's dropped ... but i'm a 2nd time mum... anyone else?

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thelollipoplady Sat 23-Apr-05 12:08:48

Up till a few days ago I was carrying really high - I'm 32 weeks, but suddenly bump has moved right down low and is sticking out. Could I just be imagining things? I didn't think second time bumps were supposed to "drop". Has anyone else had the same?

logic Sat 23-Apr-05 12:22:29

Well, this is my second baby and I'm 38 weeks on Monday. Yesterday, my bump definately dropped. It is quite a dramatic difference. There are no feet in my ribs! Bliss. I'd heard that they weren't supposed to engage early too but I am convinced. I've been in and out of false labour for the last 3 weeks so I'm hoping that it's all starting to happen. So I think it's quite possible, thelollipoplady! Things are so much more obvious the second time aren't they? A mixture of battered tummy muscles and experience I think

thelollipoplady Sat 23-Apr-05 12:27:16

what a relief to be able to breathe again isn't it logic! i just found another old thread that was talking about when babies engaged - (sorry don't know how to put in a link to it) but there didn't seem to be any distinct pattern to it. Sounds like it won't be too long for you though!

Lonelymum Sat 23-Apr-05 12:36:45

Maybe the baby's head isn't engaging, maybe it has just turned round so it is head down. That might affect the shape and position of your bump. Also, second or subsequent mothers have already had their abdominal muscles stretched so I thought that made the position of the bump more fluid IYSWIM.

PeachyClaire Sat 23-Apr-05 13:20:55

My third baby was my first to engage! My MW pointed this out, with a 'nobosy as stupid as someone who thinks they know what a baby will do next'.

It was my first late baby too, though frankly after 20 months with him, I am not surprised- so laid back!!

Maddison Sat 23-Apr-05 16:56:09

Hi Thelollipoplady

I was 37 weeks yesterday with my second and although I don't tend to notice things like that somebody did comment that i had 'dropped' and I hadn't seen her for 1 day!

logic Sat 23-Apr-05 18:28:41

Actually I haven't had the breathlessness so much this pregnancy for some reason but the baby engaging has improved my back pain a bit...

CrazyDi Sat 23-Apr-05 20:37:02

This is my 3rd time and my bump dropped earlier than both the other two!! People have commented for the last five or six weeks 'my god that babies will be having it early' and yet here i am 10 days overdue with the lowest most ridiculous looking bump ever!! Even the doctor laughed at me the other day as i am carrying so big and low!! just hope its not all baby

logic Sat 23-Apr-05 20:39:35

CrazyDi, I don't want to hear that you are 10 days overdue. I went 10 days over last time and I want this baby out now!

CrazyDi Sat 23-Apr-05 20:47:58

Tell me about it I scrubbed every inch of my house last night to try get him out but nothing!! He has dropped so low that he almost has a 'hammock' to lie in now...glad one of us is comfy!!

Hope your bundle of joy comes on time!!

lovinit Sun 24-Apr-05 12:23:55

Dear All, I am 28 weeks and baby no.2 has dropped already and was the same with baby no. 1 ! It does feel like bump will fall out sometimes especially after a long day of being on my feet ! With DD , she dropped at 6.5 months and so I expected her to be early too, but she was born on due date .... so am not sure if dropping early is an indication of what will happen !

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