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Tumi Mon 06-Apr-09 08:15:38

When a baby is conceived on the 30 of August when will the due date of the birth be? i am really looking for an urgent answer please, my boyfriend slept with another girl on the 30th August and now she says she is pregnant and does not know who the baby daddy is but she is giving birth this april ... how possible is it my boyfriends? he is very traumatised and when i call her she laughs, we had a fight and thats when he slept with her. Thing is if the baby is his then i wont be able to be with him as its his first child and i dont even have a baby yet, i wont be able to stand the hurt.

Please help ...

HeadFairy Mon 06-Apr-09 08:18:03

If he slept with another girl on 30th August, then 38 weeks later (40 weeks is from LMP) is 30th May. I think someone else is the father...

HeadFairy Mon 06-Apr-09 08:18:57

sorry, make that 23rd May. However, if she's due in April I'd say your bf is not the father.

Picante Mon 06-Apr-09 08:19:02

It would be around mid-May.

brettgirl2 Mon 06-Apr-09 08:19:40

I'm due next week and definitely conceived about 2/3 of the way through July.

yama Mon 06-Apr-09 08:21:14

Took ages to find a calculator which asks for conception date. Apparently, due date is May 23.

Stormfly Mon 06-Apr-09 08:26:08

My book says 23rd May. All the best to you and your boyfriend.

Tumi Mon 06-Apr-09 08:29:12

I have been stressed for weeks now thinking about this and for the first time i really have hope, thank you to everyone for your answers and help. I really appreciate it smile

HeadFairy Mon 06-Apr-09 09:11:39

Hope this can help you to sort things out with your bf and move on if that's what you want to do.

keels26 Mon 06-Apr-09 09:15:56

Hi Tumi, I had my son nearly 9 years ago and he was conceived in the beginning of August, his due date was the 13th May. If your boyfriend slept with this girl at the end of August then her due date would be late May. Try not to worry, sounds like its not your boyfriends baby.

Tumi Mon 06-Apr-09 09:31:31

Thanks HeadFairy and Keels26, its just amazing how other people can do anything and everything to keep you away from someone you love with all your heart. Things have not been okay with my bf as i have been doing most of the crying but today i will sleep with a smile, i called him a 15 minutes ago and told him that nothing will ever take me away from him and he just cried because we have been through alot of trials together and when we thought it was over something else came up.

I feel like jumping for joy grin

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 09:19:15

Just an update on this story, this girl has not gotten the baby yet story is she is due end of this month to the 5th of May. I have not been able to sleep well even though i know if it is my boyfriens baby it should be born on the 23rd, but how accurate is this? The thing is i just found out on saturday that i am pregnant and it hurts me so bad as i cant be happy, i just wish it could have happenned at another time and not now. i am 2 months and 2 weeks pregnant now, my heart cant stop beating fast and i have sleepless nights. I need help!!!

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 10:02:19

Pls say something sad

Nekabu Mon 20-Apr-09 10:11:26

It does not sound likely that it is your bf's baby as it still sounds from the due date as though it was conceived too early to be his but if you and he are worried, when it is born, dna testing will show for sure.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and please do try not to let this worry you.

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 10:18:01

Thanks Nekabu, its my first pregnancy and i want to enjoy it ...

Nekabu Mon 20-Apr-09 10:33:46

This woman does sound a bit of a bitch who's enjoying winding you up (laughing at you when you phone and keeping on intimating her baby could be your bf's though she has previously said she doesn't know who the father is) so please don't let her do it and risk letting her spoil your pregnancy. Put it out of your mind, see when the baby does actually get born and if you are even slightly concerned that the dates might tie in with your bf sleeping with her, then they can do dna testing then. There's no point you spending weeks worrying about when it might be due as you have no reason to suppose this woman is telling you the truth anyway.

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 10:39:51

You are so right Nekabu, i really needed to hear that. What is important at this moment is my baby, you are a God sent. Thank you.

MegMog Mon 20-Apr-09 10:52:15

Who is telling you he slept with her on the 30th August? If it was 30th August, it's not his, if it was 30th July, or earlier in August then it could be. I am due next week and concieved right at the end of July/beginning of August.

Nekabu Mon 20-Apr-09 10:53:19

You take care and enjoy your pregnancy. If you need to unload, just come on here!

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 11:05:09

He is the one that told me, i just cant wait for this whole drama to end. I just want to be happy again!

Tumi Mon 20-Apr-09 11:10:15

Thanks Nekabu and MegMog for your replies, i am sure i will be just fine...

Tumi Mon 04-May-09 10:25:13

UPDATE: She still has not given birth yet and it gets harder and harder everyday for me ... I dont know if she is really up to something but i asked my boyfriend to give her a call and tell her that he wants dna testing. She was telling him if he is sure that he is ready to find out the results, she seemed less concerned of our worries and funny thing is her boyfriend knows nothing about this and thinks his girlfriend is a total angel. I want to know the truth and the boyfriend should know exactly whats happening, claiming she does not know the baby daddy. 19 days left and its the 23rd which will be my boyfriends child then, she says she went to the doctor on the 2nd of may and they said she must go back home. What happens if they do that? could it happen that this baby could be my boyfriends afterall? i would die sad

EachPeachPearMum Mon 04-May-09 10:32:42

You know- babies are frequently overdue- it is the due date that is important in this case.
My ds was 2 weeks overdue earlier this year- its common. the midwife/doctor let you go home up until 14 days overdue if you and baby are healthy. Do not worry.

Tumi Mon 04-May-09 10:39:35

Thank you for the reply PearMum, i will try not to worry too much even though it is so very hard for me.

Nekabu Mon 04-May-09 10:49:56

Tumi, it's the 4th of May. The 4th! Please do not panic! It would have to be towards the end of May to tie in with your bf sleeping with her and even if it was then, I am presuming she was also sleeping with her bf at around the same time so it could still be her bf's anyway. As EPPM says, babies are frequently overdue and the due date is the one you should be focussing on. If she went into hospital on 02 May and was sent back home that does indicate that she was expecting her baby to be popping out on or around that date.

This woman is having a wonderful time pulling your strings and winding you right up. Please stop letting her do it! If she gives birth tomorrow, do you really think she will be honest and tell you? I'm not sure; I reckon there's a fair chance she'll just say she hasn't had it yet and will do the "Are you ready to hear the results?!" scare tactics at every mention of dna testing and keep you guys dangling for as long as she is still amused by it. She does not sound a very nice person at all. Please stop letting her spoil your pregnancy and putting pressure on your relationship with your bf.

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