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very low lying placenta..and im goign abroad

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mama2leah Mon 30-Mar-09 14:43:11

am i stupid? i booked the holiday before i had my scan, its non refundable...

im just worried as i keep readin about placenta pervia?

plz advice me...
i will be im goin between 25-27 weeks pregnant...

castille Mon 30-Mar-09 14:50:58

I was told to REST and take it very easy when I had placenta praevia. I was allowed to fly back to the UK to stay with my parents so they could help with 2yo DD1, but I don't think I'd have gone on holiday.

What did your doctor say?

mama2leah Mon 30-Mar-09 16:09:23

nothin.. jus told 2 re-scan at 36weeks

cazzaben Mon 30-Mar-09 16:14:35

My advice....... Dont go.... its not worth it x

Nabster Mon 30-Mar-09 16:15:28

I wouldn't go.

MrsHappy Mon 30-Mar-09 16:16:17

You should ask the hospital or your GP what to do and then follow their advice.

Are you insured?

reikizen Mon 30-Mar-09 16:19:07

There is a difference between a low lying placenta at 27 weeks and placenta praevia at term. Lots of women have a low lying placenta but when the lower segment of the uterus starts to grow, it 'migrates' upwards which is why they want to re-scan you when this process should be complete and have given no advice such as castille received. If they have told you it is covering the os then that's different, what does it say on your scan? Something like 'placenta anterior, low but not covering os'? With placenta praevia the risk is of a big bleed because so much blood is pumped through the placenta. For some women the first sign is bleeding at 34 ish weeks as the uterus grows. If it is simply low lying then it's fairly normal but obviously any signs of bleeding you know what to do. Also, check your insurance to see if the airline carries women at 27 weeks (I'm sure it does).

SobranieCocktail Mon 30-Mar-09 16:19:24

Where are you going? If it's a country with good health facilities and you're planning on relaxing while you're there (e.g no water skiing!) then I don't think it would be a problem

kkey21 Mon 30-Mar-09 16:22:02

I had in both of my pregnancies-advised NOT to fly whatsoever unless scan confirms placenta has moved. Ended up hemoraging very severly after the very fast birth of my 2nd son as it had only just moved within 1cm of guidleline enough for me to give birth-this was confirmed at 38wks.....

Its really not worth the risk during pregnancy as if you start to bleed in another country-chances are you will not be coming home until baby is born.

But DO if you can afford to, have a private scan as near to the date you would be flying as placentas can move-as in my first pregnancy mine had moved up by the time our holiday came round and we flew without risk.

Simplysally Mon 30-Mar-09 16:23:41

Are you the lady who wanted to do a headstand in pg? Please don't.

hobbgoblin Mon 30-Mar-09 16:29:59

I have PP which I'm waiting to have confirmed again at 30 week scan. I haven't had any bleeding yet at all which is a good sign. Have you?

It depends what grade of PP you have too. Am i right in thinking you are 27 weeks now?

If confirmed at 20 weeks or earlier there is a high chance it will move, but the later it gets the less likely. Also, posterior placentas are less likely to move than anterior ones.

I would fly if I was happy to accept that I may bleed heavily whilst abroad, deliver abroad and receive premature baby care abroad. You would also have to accept the risk of bleeding while en route which could have major implications. I'm not sure that you would be allowed to fly with this risk if the airline knew of it, so if you were to keep it a secret then I'm pretty sure if the worst happened you'd have issues with the airline and your insurance as you would have knowingly taken a huge risk.

I personally would not want to be having my baby abroad unless I was living in the Country so for me the holiday would be a no-no.

cazzaben Mon 30-Mar-09 16:31:09

To be honest if u started to bleed 'catasrophically' and u are abroad the chances are you'll be stuck in a foreign country for 3 months or worse...
I know this sounds extreme but i was 29 weeks with Major PP. I lived 6 mins drive from the hospital and still wasn't allowed home...
This condition is sooo serious... to be thinking of going abroad is madness...
I'm also starting my midwifery training in Sept and my advice to anyone would be don't go...

poopscoop Mon 30-Mar-09 17:17:18

I had grade IV [;acemta praevia and the bleeds were horrendous. Was in hospital for 12 weeks and then had a prem baby. Please do not go, or at least seek medical advice. But these bleeds are very sudden and extremely heavy. If you are not near hospital the chances of both you and baby surviving are low. I do not wish to scare you but it is very very serious if you have been diagnosed with a grade.

poopscoop Mon 30-Mar-09 17:18:17

excuse the spelling. Just to add it is graded in 1 to 4 and 4 is the worst case scenario like I had, but fingers crossed you will be fine.

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Mon 30-Mar-09 18:52:18

You really need to ask your consultant or midwife - someone who has seen the report from the scan, and knows your medical history in order to decide. If you don't have an appt before you are due to go, ring and make one.

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Mon 30-Mar-09 19:00:20

BTW. If you do have insurance and your Dr advises you not to travel you should be able to claim from the insurance company.

cazzaben Mon 30-Mar-09 19:49:05

Those of us who have had what you've got and have bled seem to be telling you something... Its terrifying... You will never see so much blood coming from yourself again and survive... Ok it might not happen but please dont risk your life or your babies life...
I spent 11 weeks in an English hospital...
God only knows what it would be like in a foreign hospital...
You can still bleed with Minor Praevia as it is now called... (It is classed as Minor and Major)
Do you know what you have???

SobranieCocktail Mon 30-Mar-09 21:02:01

Just came back to this...the other posters clearly know far more about this than me! Ignore my advice and go with the safest option

SlebMner Mon 30-Mar-09 21:04:44

my sister got a refund on a holiday when she was diagnosed with a DVT and was unable to fly long haul, she had to get a doctors note etc

as reikizen has said, there is a big difference between a low lying and a previa

you need some clarification from your midwife etc.

better to lose money on a holiday than take a risk with your health and your baby

hobbgoblin Mon 30-Mar-09 21:05:59

Actually Sobranie, I read a study that found no significant difference between those hospitalised with Praevia after 27 weeks until delivery in terms of mortality and morbidity. The only proviso being that the woman had swift access to hospital, and was 'supervised' at home by another adult.

SazzlesA Mon 30-Mar-09 21:06:28

Message withdrawn

cazzaben Tue 31-Mar-09 00:44:19

I think being in hospital is a lot safer thanbeing at home to be honest Hobgoblin... If you were to bleed 'catastrophically' then it takes 7 minutes to bleed to death... There is a much higher risk being at home...
Hobbgoblin I know you have read one study but it really is safer to be in hospital. There are lots of studies done... I think if you have experienced a bleed then you may well change your mind......
I'm not saying that I know everything I just know what it feels like to bleed and to be frightened for your own life and your unborn babies... I spent one night at home throughout the whole 11 weeks and I was terrified all night... I felt safer and more relaxed in hospital even though I didn't want to be there!!

SazzlesA Tue 31-Mar-09 07:55:57

Message withdrawn

hobbgoblin Tue 31-Mar-09 10:31:41

I think the issue was more about hospitilisation and the prevention of bleeds, and that so long as one takes it easy then you are no more likely to have one at home than in hospital. I think that's what it meant.

DontlookatmeImshy Tue 31-Mar-09 12:43:18

Having had pp I would say don't go. Not having any bleeding yet doesn't really mean anything.
I had gd4 and had no bleeding until 36 weeks followed by a massive haemorage at 37wks, some people bleed on and off for weeks.

Either way it is terrifying and you would not want to be away from home if it happens.

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