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URGENT advice needed: MEARS/ANYONE: RE:Back pain 36+ wks

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shhhh Thu 21-Apr-05 09:52:39

Can anyone give me some advice.
Over the last week I have had a few occasions where I have had lower back pain and pain also on either my back far right or left side and central. The lower back pain I am able to cope with at the moment but it's the pain to the far right/left that I can't cope with. Last night it was so bad at 2am that I was sweating/shaking and felt sick, I also had a good old cry . I tried getting on all 4's but that didn't sem to do much, a hot water bottle was little relief and I eventually gave in and took paracetamol. I phoned my midwife who suggested a hot bath which I did but again didn't get much relief. She advised me this is common at this stage (i'm 36 + 6) and that it can get worse later on!!! Baby last night and this morning is very active & I don't have any other problems.
Can anyone advise me if they have experienced this and what they did. Doctor last week gave me co-codomal to help but looking on the internet it doesn't say this is ok in pregnancy yet it doesn't say it's bad, it basically leaves the decision up to me & dh. I don't want to risk anything at this stage yet I can't bare this pain when it occurs. It worries me that if I can't cope with this pain now how am I going to go on with labour.
Sorry to go on but I just thought someone may be able to advise me further.

serenity Thu 21-Apr-05 10:07:50

Do you know how your baby is positioned? I got severe back pain with DS1 because he was OP, he was lying facing out with his head and back pressing against my spine. It was pretty awful for the last month or so, but didn't affect the labour. It might be worth finding out, as at least you would then know why , and that could help you find a way of relieving it.


shhhh Thu 21-Apr-05 10:17:26

serenity thanks for your reply. At my midwife apmt on Tue I was advised baby is LEPH (?), she is head down with her bum on my right near my ribs and legs etc to the left of me, 2 weeks prior to this she was the same position but the opposite side iykwim.Maybe this is why?
She is not engaged yet but I have also been having sharp stabing pains low down in my vagina which the mw says is baby banging her head up and down in my pelvis trying to prepare herself! LOL don't think she realises how much pain she is causing mum.

Chuffed Thu 21-Apr-05 10:18:44

See your dr and see if they can refer you to acupuncture. I had it during pregnancy for back pain and it was great. You can have 6 sessions on the nhs per year. If your baby is breech or op it can also help turn it as well.
Could you be going into labour - all my contractions were in my back and felt almost constant.

shhhh Thu 21-Apr-05 10:33:28

Dr is due to ring me at lunch to discuss the co-codomal and my concerns at taking it. I will ask about acupuncture as at the moment I will try anything!
I have just spoken to mum and she has suggested I may be in the early stages of labour. I thought contractions would be pain that came & went but it seems that wasn't the case for you ?!
I have started rasp leaf tea and pineapple following mw advice so who knows...
Thanks again

serenity Thu 21-Apr-05 10:38:16

ooohhhhhh yes, you could be in labour exciting! I've heard of people have back pain as labour pain before. If it gets really bad again could you go to the mw or hospital to be examined?

shhhh Thu 21-Apr-05 11:53:25

I wish it is labour just to get rid of the pain etc but then worry that i'm not prepared mentally enough...I keep thinking I have got 3 weeks left...I'm not the best with hospitals you see and the last few weeks has had me thinking more and more of the birth but I suppose its gonna happen within the next 5 weeks so I have to go with the flow !
The mw last night didn't seem to think I could be in labour but like you said there is nothing stopping me going to the hospital to be examined etc....My hospital have been brilliant so far.
Oh well, will see what doc says when he rings me. Thanks again

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