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34 weeks, twinges in lower bump and pelvis

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berolina Wed 20-Apr-05 20:57:07

Hi there, me again...
Am 34 weeks today and was at the doc's 2 days ago where he examined me and said my cervix was shortening a bit and baby's head pressing on it. He didn't seem to think there was an immediate danger of labour but recommended me to get my feet up or lie down as much as poss. I had a problem with a shortened and softened cervix at 23 weeks and had to rest, but that seemed to sort itself out. Anyway, he left it up to me whether to carry on working or not and I have the last couple of days, but got my feet up or lay down whenever I could. (I'm a lecturer and teach on 3 days - my working week is over now ). Today and yesterday I've had the occasional twinge in my lower bump and also a bit lower down, in my pelvis, plus one painful Braxton Hicks??? (at least I'm guessing it was one - brief pain in right lower bump and left side of pelvis). Can feel baby both kicking and pressing all over bump. Is this normal at my stage? Any advice/experiences? TIA

starlover Thu 21-Apr-05 11:39:29

I had the same thing... and it only got worse! (specially the kicking!!!)
I think a few times ds had moved around and was pressing on nerves as I had a lot of pain.
I would say that probably from about 32 weeks on I was getting noticable twinges in my bump, low down and in my pelvis.
Think this is normal. My braxton hicks were like a tightening all over the lower part of the bump

Marie12 Thu 21-Apr-05 17:33:04

I am 34 weeks and also experiencing twinges, and pains round the bottom of my tummy, especially when i have been doing housework or over exerting myself. i am fairly positive it is normal.

berolina Thu 21-Apr-05 18:49:43

Thanks both of you . Had a lazy day today and the twinges have stopped - so it might be from doing too much.
starlover, aren't you due around now (or am confusing you with someone else)? If so: GOOD LUCK!!!

starlover Fri 22-Apr-05 09:25:59

nope not me sorry! I have ds who is 10 weeks now...

but starshaker is having a c/s today I think... probably her you're thinking of!

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