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ligament cramps in abdominal muscles, 30 weeks pregnant - is this normal??

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neena123 Mon 23-Mar-09 10:42:39

Has anyone else experienced cramp (the kind you get in your legs) in their abdominal muscles? I'm 30 weeks pregnant and twice over the last week have woken up with excruciating pain just below my bump. Both times it's been when I've been lying on my back (seem to end up in this position no matter how hard i try to sleep on my left!) and have tried turning over onto my left. Scared to use my abdominal muscles now in case it happens again!
I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow but just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this?

Pinkbump3 Mon 23-Mar-09 11:27:49

Sounds like your ligaments stretching, i had pain a few weks ago (36 weeks pg) down either side it was awful i could barely breathe and to cough or laugh was a killer but it went after a few days mw says its just the ligaments stretching as baby is gaining weight rapid now. good luck

mumface Mon 23-Mar-09 21:33:52

I sometimes wake up in the night bursting for a wee & if i get up too quickly get such awful cramp in my stomach muscles i can't stand up straight.If i slowly sit up & take several deep breaths i am ok.I also get it when i have been sleeping on my back I think the muscles must be more relaxed.I am 24 weeks.

neena123 Tue 24-Mar-09 12:17:48

reassuring it's not just me then! mw said it might be the start of spd and is sending me to see the physio just in case so will see what they sa. hopefully it's just the ligaments stretching.

sazlocks Tue 24-Mar-09 12:20:55

I had this at around the same time - was horrible. Cos it was my first I was convinced I was going into labour ! The only way it stopped was to walk up and down.

ladyhelen2 Tue 24-Mar-09 15:22:22

Can you get this on just one side of the bump? For the last hour I have had a stitch like pain on the lower right hand side. It came on as I was walking around. I did go to the gym this morning!! Perhaps a bit mad at 34 weeks but I took it easy. The MW said she thought it was ligament pain.

neena123 Tue 24-Mar-09 16:15:16

i've only had it on one side of the bump and it was agony for a few minutes then subsided (just like leg cramp). really don't want it to happen again as it was so painful!

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