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Asthmatic and trying to get pregnant.

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Winnie Wed 09-May-01 11:13:49

My friend is asthmatic and trying to get pregnant, she wonders if anyone knows of possible dangers of taking steriods whilst trying to conceive. She recently had a bad asthma attack and as a consequence was put on steriods and now thinks that she has had a very early miscarriage.
Does anyone know how long steriods stay in the body? Thanks in advance...

Lil Wed 09-May-01 11:32:08

I was asthmatic when I was trying to get pregnant, and i was on inhalers, not tablets. Apparently the inhalers are not strong enough to have any effect on the fetus. In fact the effect of the pregnancy seems to have lead to the asthma going away, and it still hasn't returned! Its the effect of all that relaxation hormone (prolactin is it?)

Winnie Fri 11-May-01 15:47:00

Thanks Lil.

Missunderztood Wed 02-Feb-05 17:56:46

Hi Like most tablets/antibiotics they usually take 4 weeks to get into ur system depending on teh strength and 4 weeks to leave they system.I have asthma but mine is mild and only use my salbutamol if and when needed.I have also gone on to have 4 children Good luck for the future

Twiglett Wed 02-Feb-05 17:59:25

I developed asthma whilst pregnant and had to take a prednisolone course .. I was advised that it is far worse to have problems breathing

the inhalers do not cross the placenta

Gem1355 Wed 02-Feb-05 19:03:57


I'm an ashmatic and use my ventolin inhalers, she shouldn't have a problem with the steriods, but my asthma seems to have really calmed down since i've been pregnant!

If she has any queries the best person to talk to would be her GP.

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