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31 weeks, lots of Braxton Hicks, I think?????? well, hope!

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chocolatebunnies Thu 19-Mar-09 16:48:51


Im 31 weeks pregnant with 2nd, the last two days I think I've been having Braxton Hicks, but I don't know as I didn't have any with first pregnancy, the best way to describe it is that bump goes hard and I get pain on lower left hand side, it kinda feels like baby is kicking or punching or moving at the same time and it makes me have to sit up straight and is realy uncomfortable, I wouldnt say painful as it happens quite quickly but when it does it does make me go ooooo and ouch! Its happening quite alot at the moment.

Is this normal? To be having them so frequently so early? It doesnt mean baby is trying to get out early does it?

Can someone put my mind at rest that Im not going to go early please!



emmabemmasmom Thu 19-Mar-09 16:54:46

Hey there :-)

I am 32 weeks and have the same thing. Mine are quite painful however and can last up to a minute. I also get lower back pain when they happen.

This is also my second and I didn't have this with the first. However, I saw the midwife today and she said it was nothing to worry about. She said that if they go away for spaces of time...then no baby is coming lol

She did say however that if they become regular and frequent then to call.

Baby does not really move during a real contraction anyway so if your feeling movement then I am sure your body is just getting ready!

electra Thu 19-Mar-09 17:02:55

I've been getting the same thing for about 4 weeks - I'm now 36+1. I have days where I get a lot all day and it makes me feel niggly!

chocolatebunnies Thu 19-Mar-09 17:06:55

thanks for your replies,

i dont really know if it is the baby moving at the same time though, its difficult to explain, it feels like lots of pressure in that one place, like someone is squeezing me!

i hope it is just getting ready, although I dont think i can cope with it for the next 9 weeks! feel for you electra

maybe i'm just running out of room, i have to sit up straight alot of the time now to make room, if that makes sense, does anyone know when bumps dop the 2nd time round? mine still feels really high up!

toomuchpicknmix Thu 19-Mar-09 17:41:01

I have the same and have since about 24 weeks- am 31 now. They do come and go - I get a lot for a few days and then less for a few days....no baby yet! smile

WowOoo Thu 19-Mar-09 17:46:08

I'm a bit worried about this as I've been getting the hardening feeling since 18 wks.

Last time am sure they came much later on and were a bit different.

I can tell you that you won't go early nad I can also say I'm worried about same thing. Best to try not to worry.
MW told me it could be baby moving.

Our wombs are just gearing up for later and perfectly fine. Repeat with me!!!

berniebump3 Thu 19-Mar-09 23:24:32

hi... i'm on my third bump.... and also had the same 'ph my god... never had them first time...not so bad second time... but really feel them quite uncomfortable this time!!' Weird hey. I had them from about 30 weeks but at 34 weeks they became regular... no pain but every 5 mins.... called hospital and told to go in and found i was in labour... they gave me steroids for the babys lungs and kept me in ... the next day the contractions stopped and i went home told to rest. I'm 37 weeks tommorrow and still having braxton hicks but haven't become regular and labour hasn't continued. So make sure you check how often they are coming. Also baby waas engaged but not now which apparently is quite normal with 2nd child onwards... probably because its all a bit more loose inside now!!lol! muscles just don't keep babys head down. goin to bed now... little one got a cold... going to be a long night!!

ChasingSquirrels Thu 19-Mar-09 23:29:03

I didn't feel them with my 1st
with my 2nd I had them from early on (18/20 wks). They got to the point (from around 30wks onwards) that I was having 5/6 an hour, every hour.
I was monitored for an hour at 32 wks and they were worried and had me stay in overnight and have the steroid jabs in case the baby came early.

He did come early, but not excessively - 36+^ (ds1 had been 37+0), but he also came FAST. I am guessing my body got very ready!

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