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Weird pulling feeling in lower abdomen in v early pregnancy

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LissyGlitter Wed 18-Mar-09 22:45:09

I got a BFP last night, and all of a sudden I'm up to my eyes in symptoms! One I don't remember from last time though is a weird pulling feeling in my lower abdomen...is his normal?

cazzaben Thu 19-Mar-09 01:18:32

When you say pulling do you mean like a heaviness?? xx

Longtalljosie Thu 19-Mar-09 06:35:01

I've heard of this as a symptom. Didn't have it myself, but was told to look out for it

sarah76 Thu 19-Mar-09 15:02:47

ooh I had that! Similar to that 'heavy' feeling I get before my period. Can't say what it is, but I'm 17 weeks now so apparently it didn't mean anything bad.

sissy0928 Thu 19-Mar-09 17:13:27

I just got the call today the bloods were positive...and swore I felt cramps coming on...definitely a heaviness!!! DD is 13 now so I don't remember this, of course I didn't plan her and didn't know I was pg until 9 weeks!

AnybodyHomeMcFly Thu 19-Mar-09 18:35:29

yes happened with me, thimk it's things starting to stretch

cazzaben Fri 20-Mar-09 00:24:19

When I was 10 weeks pregnant with my "2nd son I felt a 'heaviness' right down the bottom.. not in my tummy but right down. almost like my baby was going to fall out at any minute. This continued throughout my pregnancy and at 33 weeks I was diagnosed with SPD. Don't know if this would help anyone but it took a lot of 'persuading' to make them believe me... I guess the heaviness at the beginning was due to the SPD... I dont know??

pedalmonster Fri 20-Mar-09 11:32:31

Hi there - yes I have also just got BFP and got some pulling , kind of between my groin and where I think my ovaries are - very low down and feels like I have strained myself while running (Ha! unlikely that I would run anywhere!)
I was also thinking it is just the stretching .... hmmm

LissyGlitter Sat 21-Mar-09 10:56:21

My back hurts as well, kinda like AF type pains. I hope everything is ok. I could have just strained it lifting my Ann Summers case around.

bert74 Tue 24-Mar-09 20:33:52

I too have been having these feelings for about three days now, but think i maybe only two weeks at the VERY most!! Is it too early to get my hopes up? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
Didn't know I was expecting dd1 until 12 weeks, so didn't experience these symptoms first time round.

bert74 Sun 29-Mar-09 21:22:19

Damn, wishful thinking, AF paid me a visit this am!

woodstock3 Sun 29-Mar-09 23:39:00

i had this in early pregnancy and convinced myself i was miscarrying etc - but i was absolutely fine, and dr said it is very common, i think it is just things sor tof accommodating themselves iyswim!

ConnorTraceptive Sun 29-Mar-09 23:45:18

Yes I had this pulling/dragging sensation with both pregnancies all was fine and well

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Sun 29-Mar-09 23:50:31

i had that and midwife said its just ligaments/muscles relaxing a bit with the hormones, totally normal and not to worry about. Obv ask/see someone if yr concerned. But usuallly settles down.

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