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Is it possible to become pregnant with the coil??

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emmabemmasmom Tue 17-Mar-09 14:07:34

My neighbour is freaking out thinking she may be pregnant. She has the coil but according to her symptoms and answers to questions I asked, it seems like a very good chance she may be. I know is sounds weird, but I am currently pregnant and I can kinda just sense that she is...weird? Who knows lol

Is it possible? And also is there any danger at this moment with the coil still there? She is taking a test today and will contact her GP straight away if she is...however...just wanted to maybe help ease her mind if I could. Thanks! :-)

midnightexpress Tue 17-Mar-09 14:09:41

I'm not an expert, but I think it is certainly possible and that there are some MNers who are living proof. I had a mirena coil fitted recently and did some searching on here before hand for info adn I'm sure there were some people who'd got PG with a coil. Do you know what kind of coil it is?

Lulumama Tue 17-Mar-09 14:12:26

it is not very likely at all, but it is remotely possible, more danger of an ectopic or miscarriage but doc should be able to advise

CompareTheMeerkat Tue 17-Mar-09 14:12:44

When I had mine fitted the GP said it is possible to get pregnant with it in, but it is more likely it would come out without you noticing and then you get pregnant.

There is a small chance of it happening with the coil in - the only way to definitely never get pregnant is to never have sex I think.

notyummy Tue 17-Mar-09 14:13:40

Yes..I did! I had a copper coil fitted, which slipped out slightly but was still there (i.e I could feel the threads so thought it was ok)

DD is the result. Usually the coil needs to be removed, although that does have a risk of miscarriage attached. Also an early scan should be performed as there is a higher risk than normal of the pregnancy being eptopic.

BennyAndJoon Tue 17-Mar-09 14:14:40

I got pregnant with a mirena coil. DD is now 2.5 smile and is fine.

There is a higher chance if you are pregnant of it being ectopic.

They never did find the pesky thing

emmabemmasmom Tue 17-Mar-09 14:20:18

Thanks for all replies!

I believe it is a copper one. She had it fitted when she was still bleeding after her DS in Dec. 2007. She just found out that they should not have fitted it while she was still bleeding but it's done now eh?

Well she has only had sex twice in 3 months and is convinced that there is no way she can be...

I wanted to laugh at the reasoning there but am trying to be supportive

Just wanted to make sure she is not in danger as she keeps putting the test off...but if she were in danger in anyway maybe I could get her to take a test already!

Not that it is any of my business really...however she keeps calling me freaking so I feel it is kinda my business and just want to make sure she is ok...

memoo Tue 17-Mar-09 15:01:16

I got pregnant with the mirena coil in.

It turned out to be ectopic though, your friend really needs to ge checked out.

I also never got a BFP with the ep, apparently this is quite common.

daisy5 Tue 17-Mar-09 15:07:03

My friend had a coil. One time her period was two weeks late, she felt very unwell, but then she had a very heavy period. She assumed she had been pregnant. I think they may have refitted it after that - or something. Maybe speak to your doctor.

anchovies Tue 17-Mar-09 15:12:40

I got pg with ds1 with a copper coil fitted. They left the coil in as it didn't come out easily. Had a cs and when the surgeons found the coil they were really impressed, funnily enough I was more impressed with my new baby! Wishing your friend lots of luck if she is pregnant!

emmabemmasmom Tue 17-Mar-09 15:17:10

Well thanks and I will let her know!

She has never had a period with the coil in so if she starts bleeding that would be very odd for her.

I will tell her what you all said though and tell her to see her GP tomorrow and they can test her if she refuses to take one on her own.

Thanks again!

shelterforrain1 Mon 17-Feb-14 20:02:28

Hello everyone smile I know this is a really old thread, but please i need some advice...
I am 19, I am on the Minerva coil and have been for about 4-5 months, In the last 3 weeks I have started getting these odd on and off sick waves, I am not being sick, but the feeling is so overwhelming i feel like if i didn't fight it i would be. Its like a sudden rush all over of dizziness, too hot and then a very strong feeling like i'll be sick sad Not nice. Especially as it happens at work. Iv been drinking more tea recently trying to stay hydrated as I don't like drinking water at all. But im always hydrated anyway. About 2 weeks ago i had some light pink bleeding but that went after 1 hour and have had nothing since (no brown spotting or anything) and for me that is rare as i have had it all the time since having the Minerva inserted. Please can somebody tell me, Have you ever gotten pregnant while on this coil? if so how did you find out or how did you feel?
Thank you

Kate1994 Sat 20-Jun-15 22:16:39

Hi just here for some advice
A little under a year ago i had the marina coil fitted and have had regular periods since.
Then about 3 days ago i have started having some symptoms such as.. pink spotting/cramps/brown discharge/light headedness i have also been eating alot more than usual. i am unsure when my period is due as i never really keep track of them.
does anybody know why this could be happening?
or what i should do? thanks

Skiptonlass Sat 20-Jun-15 23:09:48

Kate, you should visit your GP or local sexual health or wherever you had it put in. They will check the strings are visible and possibly check the placement is correct. They may also do a pregnancy test and swab for infection etc.

When I had a mirena I had no proper periods, but every now and then I'd get symptoms like this. Just the vagueries of the body I think! However....

It's important that you get anything unusual checked. It is possible (albeit unlikely) to get pregnant on the coil and if you do it's more likely to be ectopic. Just get it checked to put your mind at rest.

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