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premature labour

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dangirl Sun 17-Apr-05 22:23:00

Hi everyone,
3 years ago I had a lovely babygirl born week 31+5.
It was a spontanous labour and no reason was ever found as to why she was that early. She was healthy and big (for that age) and there was no sign of infection in neither her nor me, good working placenta etc.
She luckily never has had any problems due to this very premature birth and is a very smart and healhy little girl.
I am now pregnat again -10 weeks- and concerned that this will happen again.
I will see obstetrician in a few weeks for talk plus examinations but was wondering if anyone else might have had some experience with this and could tell me if they have had any problems in subsequent pregnancies/births? and what kind of special care did you receive during pregnancy from Dr/midwifes?
Thanks for any respons!
Dangirl xx

rodeo1 Tue 19-Apr-05 10:41:52

Hi dangirl,

just popped over from the Nov thread, haven't seen you post for a bit. Sorry you are worried, I'm sure your mind will be put at ease when you speak to your obstetrician, they will want to keep a close eye on you. I had a prem birth too at 26 weeks, sadly she didn't survive, but now have 2 more children both born at term. Hope this helps a bit! Hope to see you back on the Nov thread soon

x x x

dangirl Wed 20-Apr-05 23:20:12

Hi rodeo1
Thank you very much for your reply and reasuring story.
So sorry to hear of your loss!!

I am really busy at the moment arranging to go to Denmark for work for 3 months with my daughter. Therefore less time on the computer.
I have via GP in DK arranged to see an obstetrician in a couple of weeks which I am looking forward to.
Keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well this time.
Dangirl xx

AussieSim Wed 20-Apr-05 23:58:34

I had a somewhat similar experience to you. I had threatened premature labout at 25weeks, which they took 3 weeks to get on top of with IV drugs, I then went home and was confined there on tablets to stop the contractions. I stopped taking the tablets as I felt better and didn't feel good about taking them, and a week later I went into labour at 35 weeks and spent two weeks in the ICU with DS, but he is now fine.

I am now 30 weeks and so far everything has gone pretty well. I have a lot less stress this time though and am seeing a Naturopath and getting acupuncture and massage. The Naturopath has me on some herbs as well as a really good prenatal supplement and most importantly I think, magnesium tablets day and night to relax the muscles and hopefully hold off contractions. I think at this stage I have to avoid orgasm as it tends to bring on contractions.

The statistics say that if you have had one premmie than it increases your chance of having another by 30% so I am not totally relaxed yet, but I am getting there. I don't think you can rely on Drs and hospitals to do anything preventatively - they like to wait till there is a problem to do anything, which doesn't suit me at all. As I am regarded as a high risk pregnancy due to previous premmie, I am not offered any of the more low intervention options at the hospital I am registered at. I chose to register at the hospital that has the best facilities to look after premmies to avoid being transferred or separated as I was last time. It is not a private hospital though so I am still a little concerned about the level of care even though I have my own obstetrician - who can tell if he will be properly informed by the staff or even be there when he is needed. It is a worry, but I try and put it out of my mind most days and with every week that passes I feel a bit better about it. HTH

sparklymieow Thu 21-Apr-05 00:14:19

I have had 3 premature births, 35+5, 31+2 and 33 weekers. They have never found out why I have given birth early every time, but with my last pregnancy I was put under the care of High risk consaltant, and was admitted a few times for bed rest and monitoring, I also had scans weekly. I know that if I was to have another baby I would ask to be seen in London and have tests to see if there is a reason I give birth early.
Hopefully every thing will be fine with your pregnancy, good luck

dangirl Thu 21-Apr-05 09:55:20

thank you all for your responses. It's really nice to hear from someone in the same position.

dangirl Thu 21-Apr-05 09:55:23

thank you all for your responses. It's really nice to hear from someone in the same position.

dangirl Thu 21-Apr-05 09:55:26

thank you all for your responses. It's really nice to hear from someone in the same position.

dangirl Thu 21-Apr-05 09:55:55

sorry about that. DD trying to help me...

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