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Strange situation

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Jemma7 Thu 10-Apr-03 12:06:23

Hi Everyone, Have mentioned this before on another thread but still no wiser on the situation.
I am off the pill prior to Xmas as ttc - first cycle was 35 days, next was 27 and now on day 35 at present.
Prior to coming off pill period were as regular as clockwork.
If you've read previous threads you will already know this but by my calculation (which now appears to be wrong) i should have been due 4th april - since then i have done 4 tests that have worked, 3 clear blue and 1 boots (as i heard they were more sensitive) all of which have shown up negative.
I know you can get false negative's but surely not 5?
Also have had no signs of period starting and can usually tell a few days before. I have another test at home which i am trying so hard not to do as i don't want to be dissapointed again - am i clutching at straws?

rainbow Thu 10-Apr-03 12:16:37

You haven't been off the Pill very long and your body clock may not have adjusted back yet. When I came off the pill 5 years ago my first three cycles were like clockwork, 30 days. My next one was three months later, then two weeks then 11 months. Apparently, it's something to do with ovulation and I wasn't. Ovulating that is.

I can't help thinking the same as you Jemma7, that 5 false negatives is unlikley. Give it another few months then if nothing has happened go to you doctor. I left it late and there is now a 6 year age gap between ds1 and ds2 not what I wanted. Never mind.

Just enjoy the practice and keep

monkey Fri 11-Apr-03 08:37:30

i Jemma I was in a simialr situation. I had the Mirena coil removed. I didn't have a period for ages. I had lots of pregnancy symptoms & really felt pg. I did lots of tests - couldn't believe they were neg as I had no period and lots of symptoms.

Anyway, they WERE neg. & I was told the pg symptoms were due to increased levels of progesterone (or oestrogen, sorry, crap memory, let's just say hormones!) & this differing level caused the pg symptoms.

I would say that with all those negs, it really is neg (sorry if you wish otherwise) and as rainbow says, your cycle just hasn't settled.

Mirena has only very low levels of hormones & it still caused me a lot of probs so I'd expect even more with the pill. Sorry - Isn't it something like 6 months the norm to settle? Although of course there are exceptions. I have a mate ho was on the pill for 20 years and got pg at age 38 in the first cycle. Just try not to get as obsessed as I did & good luck.

Jemma7 Fri 11-Apr-03 09:40:56

Thanks Monkey & Rainbow - Still no sign of period as yet - wondering whether i should go to the doctors or if that would just be a waste of time? Mother in law is certain i'm pg as her 2nd pg wasn't detected until she was 4 months and she done tons of tests which all showed negative as she had a low hgc level.

mum2toby Fri 11-Apr-03 09:44:51

Jemma7 - I don't want to give you false hopes, but my friend did 2 tests which were negative, but she was SO sure she was pregnant! She waited another month with no period and did another 2 tests, both positive! When she had her scan a week later she was already 18 weeks gone!!!! So it can happen. I definitely thinkyou should go to your Doctors just for a check.

mum2toby Fri 11-Apr-03 09:45:22

PS: How late are you now??

Jemma7 Fri 11-Apr-03 09:50:23

Thanks Mum2toby - there is still hope out there (Somehwere)!! - I am now what i calculated to be a week late and am on day 36 of cycle. Think i will probably leave it for as long as i can possible bear (Not long) before going to the doctors - it's one thing looking like a pratt at home on your own but discovering infront of the doctor that it's all imaginary i don't really fancy.

Angel78 Fri 11-Apr-03 10:44:15

Hi Jemma7. When we first started trying for our 2nd baby I missed a period. It was all very strange as before that I was as regular as clockwork and had never missed a period. I wasn't even on the pill. When my period was a few days late I did a test which was neg. Over the following 2 weeks I bought about 4 tests. I eventually went to the doctors expecting her to do a test and she didn't. She said to wait and see if I have a period when my next period was due. She said the pg tests are very reliable and neg does normally mean neg. Of course she was right and I had my next period as normal.

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