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stomach pains. what are they? advise needed.

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18mumtobe Sun 17-Apr-05 16:36:51

hi everyone

im a first time mum to be at only 18, im 34+ pregnant now. i haven't really had a good pregnancy so far as had m/s for first 5mths and still sometimes now. have been suffering with sharp pains at the top and wandering what they are. i suffer alot with constipation so it could just be that.
ive heard that pains at the top can be a sign of pre-eclampsia so am abit worried. i haven't got protein in wee or high blood pressure, the only other symptom i have is headaches and dots in my vision sometimes. midwife dosen't seem worried as i suffered with headches before i was pregnant. do you have to have protein in wee and high blood pressure to have it?
The baby is also back to back at the mo, could that be causing the pains?

would be greatful of any advice or ideas anyone has.


sacha3taylor Sun 17-Apr-05 16:43:49

I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy when I was also only 18. I didn,t have any of the symptoms that you have described, I was only diagnosed with high blood pressure to start with and that wasn't untill I was 36 weeks, a few days later I had protein in my urine. My ds was also back to back but I diddn't really have any pains in my tummy, just my lower back.

I don't know if this has really helpped, but my pregnancy was so similar to how you have descibbed i had to write something, good luck x x

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 16:58:17

Your symptoms are very similar to mine when I had pre-eclampsia. It is serious enough to get checked. It probably isn't- it could simply be the baby growing or heartburn- but from experience I would get my MW to pop over and do my BP. Please, I nearly died.

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 16:59:41

Also had MS badly byt he way (hyperemesis gravidarum to be exact)- so we all had similar pregnancies.

charleypops Sun 17-Apr-05 17:02:10

I've heard seeing spots can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. You don't need all the symptoms. Please call the maternity ward now for another opinion. Hope you're ok.

sacha3taylor Sun 17-Apr-05 17:05:19

I nearly died as well I diddn't realise how ill I was, nobody told me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midwives only spoke about it with DH,not me. I nearly had to have a blood transfusion as well because my iron levels were so low.

Like peacyclair said, you must get it checked - It's best to find out you are fine than to find out that you have left it too late.

Hope everything is ok - keep us updated

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 17:08:37

Nobody told me either, or Dp- believe it or not it took us three years and a new Consultant to get an answer!!! I had eventually had Eclampsia, Sister had it bad too, there is a genetic link.

Have you called the MW yet? If you're embarassed, say 'i'm sure it's nothing but my friend told me to call' coz we're all worried now.

Fingers crossed

18mumtobe Mon 18-Apr-05 22:57:16

thanx everyone for your messages, its nice to hear from people who are going through the same as you.

i do want to call her, and i have called her out before because of the pains but she said everything is fine and it made me feel abit stupid really and that i was just worrying over nothing. im glad to hear that im not the only one who had morning sickness, in fact i was sick again this morning. but im used to it now, so i just carry on afterwards as normal.

if there is a genetic link peachyclair then thats even more worrying because my mum had it with her first pregnancy.

thanx again for your support, ill keep you posted if i get any updates.

charleypops Mon 18-Apr-05 23:28:35

Please speak to someone else at the hospital for a second opinion. I see different midwives all the time, you don't have to just speak to the one no matter how nice she is - in fact, I should think most people on here would find that unusual. Sacha and Peachy have just posted they nearly died. Pre eclampsia is serious. You probably don't have it but you need to find out! x

Peachyclair Tue 19-Apr-05 14:20:32

DEFINITELY research to suuest genetics, i used to worl on a volunteer pre-eclampsia phone line.

lloyds chemists can measure your BP for you, that should help?

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