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had a growth scan today (36 weeks), not entirely happy, should I query?

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pinkdolly Tue 10-Mar-09 17:59:17

I got referred for a growth scan after my consultant said my fundal height was small for my dates 2 weeks ago.

Went for the scan today and am now slightly unsettled about the whole thing. Basically the sonographer wasn't very helpful at all. He exclaimed that the baby was small weighing an estimated 5lb 4. I told him that my other 3 children weighed in at 6lb 4, 5lb 14 and 5lb 12. So really wasnt expecting a bigger baby.

He took all the measurements and just didn't seem happy. He asked if I had another scan booked (I dont). He sat umming and ahhing and then sort of said it would be alright. I told him that I want a homebirth so was everything going to be fine for that. He seemed to suggest it was but didn't seem entirely confident.

Now had I been in a better frame of mind I would have questioned him more, but I only got 2hrs sleep last night and am knackered.

I just dont like the way it was handled, I feel that if there is the slightest niggle that it should be double schecked either by a follow up scan or another sonographer's opinion. Like I said he just wasn't helpful.

My midwife is coming round on friday to plan my homebirth with me, should I talk to her about it then or phone her sooner?

I am slightly concerned as I am very much smaller with this pg then I was with my other 3 (tho they are all girls and this is def a boy). Also I tried for a 3d scan at 30 weeks but couldn't get a clear pic due to insufficient fluid levels (tho they recorded them there as ok for the pregnancy just not the imaging machine). All this baby's movements seem to feel alot more tender to my tummy and the last couple of weeks I have started feeling naueseus at night. (these things could of course all be coincidences).

What would you do?

iwontbite Tue 10-Mar-09 19:28:55

hiya, try not to worry too much (easier said than dne, i know)
growth scans are notoriously inaccurate.
just do a search on here for them!!! i think the given margin of error is 20% either side, but there are def people on here who've had it much bigger than that.

if you don';thave a huge amount of fluid that's another reason why your bump might look small too.

and also the measuring tummy with a tape measure is not particularly accurate either. you can give 3 midwives the same tape measure and same mum and they'd come up with diff results j ust from holding it differently. plus it can alter depending on how baby is laying.

if nothing else is amiss I would presume you are having another small baby like your others, and go ahead with the homebirht, good luck

jenster1976 Tue 10-Mar-09 19:29:22


I agree that the sonographer's reactions are not helpful, I would discuss it with your midwife, who presumably knows you and your history. My DD was little (5.9) and i was sent for loads of growth scans and towards the end, but my midwife was very supportive and told me she had no worries about my pregnancy, to the extent that she would support me in a home birth should I choose (the MW led unit refused me)(had a fine birth and healthy, perfect baby) i am pregnant again and this looks like being another little un but same midwife and although she will send me for growth scans i feel i trust her input... sorry not much help, but i know what it's like and how scary it can be ( had a fuckwit consultant as well who really upset me....!) so if you trust your midwife i would lean on her and get her input - if necessary to go for another scan to put all your minds at rest.

SympatheticConsultant Wed 11-Mar-09 11:01:22

A single 'growth scan' is a bit of a misnomer. Such a scan really is measuring the size of the baby's head, tummy and thigh bone (femur) rather than growth. Growth can only be estimated over an interval of time typically at least 2 weeks apart. Small sized babies on a scan can fall into 2 main groups:
1) Normal small babies (small due to genetic/consitutional factors)
2) Abnormal small babies (babies who may have an underlying problem which is impairing their growth eg. placenta not working properly/congenital abnormalities(much rarer)). this may be why the ultrasonogarpher was asking if you had a another scan booked, as this would be the best way to assess the baby's growth. Some seemingly normal sized babies can be having significant growth problems (if growing normally they would be of a bigger albeit normal size!)
Other scan features can give an indication as to whether your baby is more likely to be in the former or latter group ie.
Is the baby generally active and moving well (babies that are not growing due to poor placental function try to save energy by keeping still/ healthy babies are by and large active)?
Are there normal amounts of fluid around the baby (again some growth restricted babies do not produce as much urine and so the amniotic fluid is reduced)
Are the blood flow/doppler measurements normal (reduced blood flow through the umbilical blood vessel and increased blood flow throught the fetal brain are markers of a baby that may be running into problems)?
Especially if you are planning for a home birth ask if you can have a repeat scan 2 weeks after the last one to confirm normal growth of the baby.

medwell Sat 18-Jul-09 10:53:14

Had a midwife appointment 2 week ago then again on Tuesday and I was measuring the same as 2 weeks ago. (a different midwife measured me)therefore they have refered me for a growth scan, saying I was small for my dates. This is my first baby and everything has been going well apart from this!! which has slightly unsettled me and now think Im really small!! I this usual????? any advice would be great. Thanks

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