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Anyone not have sore breasts in early pregnancy

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NakedInnocence Mon 09-Mar-09 17:00:16

I will admit this is originates from symptom spotting blush but a session of googling brought me to mumsnet so hoping for someone more knowing.

Talking to a work colleague about pregnancy today and she stated that sore breasts are the one symptom that everyone is guaranteed to get, everything else; morning sickness, tiredness, peeing etc only affects some women.

Seems odd to me but have never been pregnant so have no clue, is it true?

Will now go and explore

dizzydixies Mon 09-Mar-09 17:01:19

I had it with DD1 really badly, mildly with DD2 and not at all with DD3 smile

schneebly Mon 09-Mar-09 17:02:37

I never did

mama2leah Mon 09-Mar-09 17:03:43

yup try breastfeedin..ouch!

roomforthree Mon 09-Mar-09 17:10:02

Four pregnancies, never had sore breasts. But then I've never had morning sickness either, so I might be an oddity.

LittleMissBliss Mon 09-Mar-09 17:10:19

I did with my first pregnancy really sore and tender and they became bigger quite quickly. This pregnancy nada, no pain at all! Breasts are a little bigger after returning to normal after finishing breastfeeding 3 months ago. But thats all. I would say tiredness is the most common early pregnancy syptom.

NakedInnocence Mon 09-Mar-09 17:19:22

I go explore the site and get all these replies in 10 minutes, thank you smile. Colleague was so adamant that I thought it must be some sort of medical fact!

Must confess that if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant I'm dreading the getting bigger part. I'm a G cup already, have visions of toppling over blush

Sugarkane Mon 09-Mar-09 17:32:29

Hi I didnt actually get sore boobs but I did get sore nipples from hell, with cold winds making them really hurt. This preg my boobs or nipples havent hurt yet (but I guess there is still time LOL).

pginthecloset Mon 09-Mar-09 17:40:09

I am 6 weeks with pg number 3 and not a hint of soreness - I keep pressing my boobs to check!

jkb Mon 09-Mar-09 17:43:05

never had sore breats atal with first.. very sore with second.. my first was a boy.. second a girl.. wonder if maybe the girl hormes make you more prone to it & maybe the boy ones dont?? thats my theory anyway

Claire236 Mon 09-Mar-09 17:50:15

Never had sore breasts. I've had it stated as if it's medical fact that everyone gets them.

neolara Mon 09-Mar-09 17:56:05

I only get sore boobs after the first trimester, and even then, they are more a little bit uncomfortable instead of sore.

PeppermintPatty Mon 09-Mar-09 18:20:52

I didn't with DD. They didn't get that much bigger either, just one cup size IIRC.

My main symptoms were tiredness, sickness and going off loads of food/drink.

ChocEclair Mon 09-Mar-09 19:40:28

I'm 37+3 and I haven't had sore boobs! I would say if anything my nipples got a bit bigger and darker, but not sore! I am only a B cup and have been waiting patiently for my boobs to suddenly grow ... but it's not looking good!

.... perhaps when my milk comes in hey? (wishful thinking!)

My main symptom before the morning sickness kicked in was tiredness.

Madigan Mon 09-Mar-09 19:46:11

I did not have sore boobs until much later in pregnancy ......

JazzHands Mon 09-Mar-09 19:46:34

Work colleagues spout a lot of crap IME.

Good examples include "all brides lose weight before the wedding, whether they try to or not" and "you will definitely completely go off curry and alcohol while you're pg everyone does".

Needless to say this well-covered bride went on to scoff curries and enjoy the occasional glass of wine when pg, all the time marvelling at how unsore her breasts were smile

FlirtyThirty Tue 10-Mar-09 08:57:54

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have stillnot had sore boobs - your colleague talks nonsense. Every woman is different. x

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Tue 10-Mar-09 09:59:32

Message withdrawn

brettgirl2 Tue 10-Mar-09 10:00:58

Choc eclair - what a relief to hear someone else say that. I'm 35+2 and am still wearing my pre-pg b-cup bras.

That said, I did have sore boobs at the start and tingling throughout so sorry for hijaking thread and I'll crawl back into my hole.....

wilbur Tue 10-Mar-09 10:01:40

Not sore really, a bit tender occasionally due to their impressive inflation, I reckon grin, but never painful during pregnancy. And then I started breasfeeding....

BikeRunSki Tue 10-Mar-09 10:16:34

I didn't.

Ambi Tue 10-Mar-09 10:20:41

nope, I didnt either. No other symptoms except for tiredness.

Poledra Tue 10-Mar-09 10:23:56

Nope, I didn't. I was always dog-tired though, and bloody starving grin. In fact, that was what made my secretary guess I was pg the last time - I was constantly eating.

LavenderStar Tue 10-Mar-09 12:09:55

I didn't either. Mood swings, bad skin, bad back, tiredness .. but boobs okay! All pregnancies are different.

Biglips Thu 12-Mar-09 21:28:49

in first pg - no and 2nd pg - yes

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