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Why should'nt you wear underwire bra's when pregnant??

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loganberry12 Fri 06-Mar-09 17:28:08

I have always worn underwire bras the others types dont seem to give me enough support but iv heard you should'nt wear them when pregnant, is this true?

Broodzilla Fri 06-Mar-09 17:41:04

Apparently the wires might mess with developing milk ducts.

Tee2072 Fri 06-Mar-09 17:46:56

You can wear them if they are fitted correctly, i.e. the wire is not digging into breast tissue.

bigcar Fri 06-Mar-09 18:52:55

Try googling anita 5305 white nursing bra, it's an underwired one. Apparently the wires are slightly softer than usual, as tee said, fitted properly they shouldn't be a problem.

<waves at tee!>

nuttygirl Fri 06-Mar-09 19:09:47

Yeah as Tee said it's fine if they fit properly. I guess that the advice is given cos so many people wear the wrong size bra.

Have to admit though I always wear and underwire and I've found the properly fitted ones I bought from Bravissimo aren't that comfy so went back and got non-wired ones.

Tee2072 Fri 06-Mar-09 20:06:12

<waves back to bigcar>

And I think that's it exactly, nuttygirl

Stokey Sat 07-Mar-09 09:52:07

Good question Loganberry _ i'm exactly teh same & am loathe to ditch my pretty Freya bras for maternity options. Think am gonna try & visit Bravissin=mo next week & see what they advise. Am only 5-6 weeks but already boobs growing... am normally 28F so God knows where i'm gonna end up

browntrout Sat 07-Mar-09 17:50:56

i wore underwired bra until the very moment my dd born. then used feeding bras for 6 months until i went back to work when i refused to enter a professional office in a soft cup bra (i have v ample busom). after that, as was still feeding in evenings til she was 20 months, i just managed with an underwired bra and took the strap down when needed. am pregnant again and fully intend to do the same as last time.

Minshu Sun 08-Mar-09 23:15:50

Properly fitted seems to be the key. I feel like a different (more comfy) person since getting a huge sports bra earlier this week (now 11+5). Shape's not great compared to the underwired alternative, but I reckon I will have a bit more growing time in this one than I would in a new underwired one.

BTW - also tried one of Mothercare's soft support bras, which is OK, but the Berlei shock absorber is much better if you have to do anything (e.g. walk up stairs).

Wish I'd made the change earlier - very sensible to go at 5 / 6 weeks.

hellymelly Sun 08-Mar-09 23:31:16

Stokey I was a 30E /28F and I ended up 4 cup sizes larger for a while-am now a 30G (still BF)
as to the underwire thing,the wires need to be well clear of any breast tissue so you need a bra that is really well fitted and on the generous side,I wore a wired bra to no ill effect and I wear them now for feeding but not in the first weeks of feeding as then they can press on ducts and blocked ducts are horrible.Anita bras are too flattening for me,they did give me a blocked duct.I had a mixture of fantasie and another swedish make that I can't remember (was from rigby and peller).Don't get anything that pushes the breasts out of their natural shape even slightly,and beware high central wires if you have a small back size as they can poke in more then because there is so little space between the breasts.

Stokey Mon 09-Mar-09 09:09:00

Thanks for the advice Hellymelly. Will try Rigby & Peller after payday!

littlemk Tue 15-Jun-10 13:47:11

I used to work at mothercare as a bra fitter. the answer is that when pregnant your breasts change shape and your underwires can then sit inthe place regardless of wether or not it is the wrong size. this can effect the milk ducts and even if you are not brest feedding is can make you more prone to mastitis And if you have ever had that you don't want to wish it on anyone as it is very very very painfull. i my self on my first child didn't know about not waering a underwire so continued with my normal type getting refitted regulary but i still ended up with mastitis and i didn't breast feed so i would say to you all don't take the risk and pop along to mthercare or blooming marvelos x

Sal321 Tue 15-Jun-10 14:11:02

I went to Bravissimo and was told that as long as they were well fitted I can continue to wear underwired bras. Like Browntrout I didn't want to wear soft cup bras to work. I was fitted with a bigger cup size (had grown and had a bit of space to grow a bit more) and up one back size (normally you get the smallest cup size and as the bra stretches you use the tighter fittings but in this case I was told to use the tighter fitting on the larger bra and as my rib cage expands to use the looser fittings). I'm 29+6 now and will probably go back at about 36 for nursing bras. The fitters at Bravissimo really know their stuff - after all that is all they sell.

nymphadora Tue 15-Jun-10 14:15:49

The underwires can start getting tight when you get a bigger bump

MrsGangly Tue 15-Jun-10 14:43:36

I'm another Bravissimo fan. They said underwires were fine and my bras, since I got new ones at 12 weeks, fit perfectly so are very supportive and comfortable.

Jacksmybaby Tue 15-Jun-10 14:49:26

I am still in underwired at the moment (at 23 weeks), but from experience by about 30ish weeks when your bump juts out horizontally from right under your boobs they are too uncomfortable, as nymphadora says.

TrishyT Fri 16-Sep-11 12:36:01

i'm no longer underwired sad so sad, I’ve always loved them cos I’m a 32c and they gave me a good boost…. I’m a D now eek. Agree with MrsGangly though – I’m a bravissimo fan too! Although I actually discovered these really good bras. No straps, so I thought I was taking a MAJOR risk, but they stick so well and they give me padding (yey smile ). Reckon they could be good for breast feeding? What do people think of the stick ons?

deardear Fri 16-Sep-11 12:40:50

where do you get non underwired bras from though! Every shop i go in to look for bras always have loads of wired ones and hardly any non wired ones. I hate underwired but end up having to buy them just so i am not floating free!

kenobi Fri 16-Sep-11 12:44:47

Bravissimo and figleaves do non-underwired bras, deardear. But as I'm a 36 FF I can't function without underwiring <shudder>

I got measured ay Bravissimo yesterday funnily enough and came online to post all about it, but have found that Sal321 has said it all. So I'll toddle off again!

lollystix Fri 16-Sep-11 12:45:34

I'm on my 4th baby and have wired for all of then right to the end with no mastitis. I just go up the sizes. Normally 30g but now in 34g. At that size I'm not going wire free until I deliver.

whackamole Fri 16-Sep-11 16:17:11

Same as lollystix here. I do own a non-wired bra but it is not comfy, and (TMI) I get sweaty boobs with it blush

Never had any boob problems wearing wired bras at all. Just make sure they fit!

Scheherezade Sat 17-Sep-11 01:17:24

My boobs are very sore, I need a bra with lovely thick, soft support underneath. An underwire would be absolute torture!

Pastabee Sat 17-Sep-11 06:04:51

I normally wear Freya or Panache underwired and again, I'm a bravissimo fan. Bought Panache maternity bras a while back as wasn't comfortable. I'm surprised how good they are in terms of support and shape.

Wore an underwired, low cut bra to a wedding last weekend as dress needed it and it was horrible by end of day to feel wires just sitting on my bump so I think as others have said non wired is the way forward for lots of people in third trimester.

lollystix Sat 17-Sep-11 08:44:05

Can u get nursing bras wires? Do Panache do nursing bras?

Pastabee Sat 17-Sep-11 08:56:19

Panache do make nursing bras but they are not wired as far as I am aware. Please don't be put off by this and please do try on a non wired nursing bra just to see.

If you've worn Panache before you'll know how great they are in general and the maternity and nursing bras are just as well designed.

They are also made in their lovely patterns so no White matron cotton in sight.

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