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TB - anyone know anything?

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fisil Fri 15-Apr-05 19:31:11

I had a call from work to say that a pupil I taught in the 2 weeks after Xmas has TB. There is some protocol they have to follow, and I've been given the number of some public health doctor to ring to discuss having a heaf test. However, she told school that I didn't really need to bother. I had the BCG when I was 13, and it was 4 months ago - would you bother? At this stage of pg (38 1/2 weeks) I'd rather be pottering around than rushing to some doctor. Does anyone know the risks, etc.?

alux Fri 15-Apr-05 21:28:21

your risk will be quite low. Even with extended exposure to someone with it. Because TB is so nasty and difficult to cure, it makes sense to contact everyone. TB can also take up to a year to manifest itself. The heaf test is the 12 needle prick on the forearm. Depending on the reaction, it will tell whether the BCG you had is still effective. It may not be. The test shows (I think a week later) that you do not have immunity to it, the will schedule a chest Xray - which in your case they can easily postpone till after delivery. 6 mths later they schedule a second xray. If both are clear then that's it.

I had periodic exposure to someone with TB a few yrs ago and went thru this routine.

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