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Due to visit parents tomorrow but they've been ill - risk to baby?

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elasticated Fri 15-Apr-05 13:55:27

Hi - any speedy responses much appreciated as am having a dilemma. I am 19 weeks pg, due to see my parents for first time in a while and if i don't go i won't be able to see them for another month or so. But, when i spoke to them last night they said they had both had high temperatures and dodgy stomachs - would i be putting my baby at risk by going? don't want to risk it just to keep parents happy but don't want to upset them unnecessarily by not going. what do you think???

HappyMumof2 Fri 15-Apr-05 14:15:14

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles Fri 15-Apr-05 14:17:08

If they are not ill any more - no temp, no vomitting, no diarrhoea - then I would go, but be scrupulous about washing your ahnds etc. If they are still feeling poorly or still runny-tummied, then it's a little harder to say. It's not that easy to catch a tummy bug if you are careful about washing and not kissing on the mouth. So you might be fine. I certainly wouldn't go if either of them was still in full flow, IYSWIM.

elasticated Fri 15-Apr-05 15:06:24

Thank you - am going to ring them later for an update

edd Fri 15-Apr-05 15:46:48

Hi elasticated, I defintely would not go, there will always be next w/end. Even if they had improved the virus is in their surroundings and you will only put yourself and unborn baby at risk, I am sure they will understand.

elasticated Mon 18-Apr-05 13:51:32

Thanks - I didn't go, had a nice relaxing weekend at home instead. They were upset but understood and my dad said he was quite relieved as he'd been worried too.

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