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Is it possible to see what gender baby by a scan photo (from the side)

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scrummymum Wed 04-Mar-09 12:00:30

My sister and her bf are both just over 20 weeks pg. They have just had their scans and both chose not to find out the sex. Last night, they both had their pics out and my sisters bf said that she could see the 3 lines on my sisters pic so she was having a girl.

I said that I didn't think that the lines could be seen (a)from a side view or (b)that easily by someone who isn't trained. We got into a bit of a debate about it. She said that she definitely saw boys bits on her scan. I have had 2 babies (one of each) and have never had a hint of what their gender is from either going for the scan or by looking at the pic.

Am I wrong for thinking this. I didn't think it was that easy and that if you could see it on the pic, it would have to be a view between the legs.

SheWillBeLoved Wed 04-Mar-09 12:11:18

Those 3 lines could be anything. My scan pictures are amazingly clear but I wouldn't dream of using a 2D side view scan picture determine the sex! The only view I'd trust is a between the legs shot, preferably in 4D - roll on 5.30pm grin

Why did they not just ask to find out the sex if they were then going to run home and try to figure it out from the pictures?

scrummymum Wed 04-Mar-09 12:31:05

Don't ask me.

I have never seen the lines that her friend was talking about but when I looked on the internet, I didn't even think that was what it looked like.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 04-Mar-09 12:34:21

some quite cool info here:

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