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New on here-3rd baby due 24/4/09...wanting a vba2c.

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WelshLou Tue 03-Mar-09 21:40:55

Hello I'm Louise, I have been looking online for info on vba2c as am strongly considering this (thankfully consultant is ok with it too)- have been reading some of the topics on here about vbac's and am very inspired!

My previous 2 cs's were for high blood pressure at end of pregnancy with ds and dd was in distress. Dd is 6 in August, so been a while since last birth.

I see consultant in 3 weeks to discuss mode of delivery and want to go in there with as much gusto as possible!

I wasn't mentally prepared for either of the other 2 cs's but am keeping an open mind this time just in case.

Please feel free to encourage/enlighten me!


mersmam Wed 04-Mar-09 11:05:14

Have you read the book, 'stand and deliver' by Emma Mahony? There's at least one chapter in there which might be useful for you - it gives one woman's experience of VB A2C!

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