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Anyone had steroids to mature baby's lungs? - side effects?

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RahRah1 Tue 03-Mar-09 18:49:36

Hi everyone

I'm 24 weeks on Thursday and seeing my consultant on fri. At my last appointment he suggested that we consider having steroids to mature the baby's lungs at 24 weeks just incase I go into premature labour.
My questions are:
Is there any side effects of these injections?
When is the optimum time to take them?
Is there anything I should know?

My history is that I had a premature baby at 24 weeks and I had the injections then, but because my waters had ruptured. Our son then died neo-natal. I also have suffered m/c so on hepirin & aspirin and I was on steroids and progesterone. So think the consultant is being extra careful. He has been checking my cervix too and it's still long at 3.25 from external scanning. Have appointment on Friday so all opinions welcome - thanks girls xxxx

sarahappymummy Tue 03-Mar-09 19:00:14

Hi, I had steroid injections at 26 weeks with two of mine (due to early contractions, which luckily came to nothing). Both pregnancies went full term. They are both very healthy, the younger one is never ill *touches wood*. There were no side effects with regard to me, as far as I could tell. I don't know if it would be the same for you because our medical history is different, but I hope this helps.

franfoxy2003 Tue 03-Mar-09 21:21:56

hi i had the same steroid at 32 weeks cos i was gettin contractions, as far as im aware there r no side effects!

RahRah1 Wed 04-Mar-09 13:21:39

Thanks sarahappymummy & franfoxy. Xxxx

sunshineday Wed 04-Mar-09 14:32:16

hi I had steroid injections at 24 wks with my last 2 dc one was born at 28 wks and one at 26 wks. the 26 wks was on oxygen for 18 months but they are both fine now (8 and 6 yrs old now). I dont think there has been any side effects.

MilkyChopsKid Wed 04-Mar-09 16:08:48

The only side-effect for me was a big bruise that hurt for days when they put the injection in my leg.

The second injection was done into the top of my bum (as suggested by another midwife) and was much better than the first although less dignified! No other side-effects I think.

As far as I know the injection needs to be done a few days before the baby is born as it doesn't mature the baby's lungs so if your baby could come very early it is best for the injection to be soon.

Good luck with going to/near term.

lizzytee Wed 04-Mar-09 17:00:00

sad about your son RahRah, and glad to hear things seem to be going well with this pg.

I have had steroids in both pgs (dd born at 27+5, steroids given at 26+0, steroids after bleed at 28 weeks in this pg, now 33+4)

YOur cervical length sounds good - I have short cervix and understand that 32.5mm is the low end of normal at 22-24 weeks.

Basically the normal practice is to give one course only of steroids (usually 2 doses) either betamethasone or dexamethasone, although occasionally they will give two. They step up the baby's lung development by about three weeks and the optimum time to administer them is 48 hrs to a week before delivery, although anything over 24 hours is good. If you are in the 24-28 week bracket they try and time administration as carefully as they can to get maximum benefit as lung problems are the single biggest clinical problem for babies born at this gestation. So in my case (cervix open at 25+0 but membranes intact and not bulging) they held off for a week. I got anxious when prescribed them at 28 weeks this time (cervix closed, suture in place) but cons explained that at 28 weeks plus timing is not so critical as the baby's lungs are more developed anyway.

Risks of one course to you or baby are minimal. I think that when the benefits of antenatal corticosteroids were first discovered multiple courses were common and they were given after birth as well, but studies showed that there was a higher incidence of complications in babies who had had multiple courses.

Only side effect I have ever had was a sore bottom.

There are quite a few of us pregnant after a prem birth here

HairyMaclary Wed 04-Mar-09 17:05:50

I would definately go for it, my DS1 was born at 29+2 after only 1 steroid injection. 24 hours post birth he suffered a collapsed lung, all the trauma resulted in a brain bleed leading to cerebral palsy. I truly feel that if my labour had held off another few hours (and I had very good care trying to do this!) and he had had the second steroid injection the collapsed lung would not have happened and he may not have suffered any ill effects from his prem birth. For DS2 I had the steroids at 28 weeks, he went to full term and had no noticable side effects.
I think if you have a history of prem births it is really something you should have. Sorry if I am a bit blunt but it's a subject close to my heart! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

tristaleejac Wed 04-Mar-09 17:44:35

I had the steroid injections last week at 33 weeks as a precaution (I was having contractions due to dehydration after a sick bug)
I had one in my bum cheek at 2am then another in the other bum cheek at 2pm.
They are not too sore needle wise, but I found it a bit stingy as the stuff was obviously spreading through my body. I could feel it going up my lower back. It only lasted a few mins though and I was fine.
I asked about side effects and MW said possibly feeling a bit sick but I was ok.
She said it wouldn't harm the baby to have had the steroids if I still didn't go into labour.
I can't give any more advice apart from that as the baby stayed put thankfully!
Good luck

WorzselMummage Wed 04-Mar-09 18:28:13

I'v had them twice ( 24 and 30 weeks, different pregnancies ) and the only side effect was a realy flusged face for a few days.

ds was a 27 weeker and has done really well in scbu. The nurses have told me that they can tell the babies which have had the steriod because they tend to do better.

thefortbuilder Wed 04-Mar-09 18:34:26

rahrah sad for your son.

ds1 born at 32 weeks had steriod injections at 30 weeks and ds2 born at 34 weeks, had steroid injections at 32 weeks.

first time no side effects felt on top of the world actually blush second time around had reaction to them felt as though i could hardly climb the stairs and very washed out for 2 days. after that all fine.

both boys in scbu for a few weeks for feeding etc, but lungs all ok and both as good as gold now (2.8 and 11m old)

will be thinking of you

RahRah1 Thu 05-Mar-09 16:05:03

Thanks everyone for your advise.

I will go forearmed with all your information and advise. I will defo have the steroids, its just predicting when the optimum time is. I have a scan first and he will look at my cervical length, growth and placenta.

WorzselMummage - Congratulations on baby George... I saw your tread, but never posted as you need positive stories at the time, but was so relieved when I saw him doing so well and he is such a handsome chappy!

lizzytee - thanks for the link

HairyMaclary - no wonder its close to your heart, thanks for your advise... I'm passionate about labour in pre-term babies, they really mucked ours up and ended in disastrous results angry

Thanks again and much love to all your babies

rk25082013 Sun 15-Jun-14 07:06:41

I was given steroid dose yesterdayfor suspected pre trrm labour. I m 32 wks now.
i feel decreased fetal movements today..
Is it normal or something to worry about...kindly help

Hjh2509 Wed 05-Nov-14 00:13:26

I had 2 jabs after a bleed at 24 weeks, now 27 weeks and just wondering if having the jabs can cause early labour? I'm not experiencing any contractions or broken waters but it's made me think that baby can come early because he will be more ready perhaps? Just curious and would like to be more prepared if it's a high possibility! Anything will help!

Mim22480 Fri 05-Dec-14 19:45:45

Hi Hjh2509.
The steriod jabs will not bring on labour as far as I am aware. But bleeding in pregnancy is a higher risk for prem baby. I had small amount bleeding in my pregnancy like a normal period, which they never found out where it was coming from & at 20 weeks I had a huge bleed baby was fine & healthy they still couldn't work out what was causing the bleeding it stopped after the big bleed.
My waters broke at 34 weeks on the Friday apparently waters can reproduce & if it's a tiny tear the sac can heal & they will hold off labour if all is well. I was admitted into the maternity ward that Friday & given steroids injection my baby was breach so I was given an emergency c section on the Monday. Born healthy and no issues all was well.

Mim22480 Fri 05-Dec-14 19:48:16

P.s I wasn't given steroids after the bleeding. Only after my waters had broken.

dancestomyowntune Fri 05-Dec-14 20:00:51

I had steroids with my second at 32 weeks because of threatened early Labour. He was eventually born a week late and was the biggest of my four babies at 7lb 7 oz. All healthy now at 8.

soumyamahesh Fri 14-Oct-16 13:31:14

HI, I have heard that steroids have negative effects on kids height. Is it true? Has any kid experienced stunt growth???

Deb12B Wed 15-Feb-17 05:24:54

Hi. I'm not pregnant but am asking a question on behalf of my daughter. She is being monitored very closely as we were told 4 weeks ago that baby is a "bit on the small side". She is 32 weeks 4 days pregnant & baby hasn't put any weight on/ grown since her last scan two weeks ago. She weighs 3.3lb. At her scan yesterday they also told her that her baby's lungs were under developed and she had a steroid injection with another planned for today. She has a elected for a planned c - section because she suffered pelvic & serious head injuries in a car crash 4.5 years ago so the consultant is playing safe. I've read about steroid injections preventing early labour with some ladies but so far my daughter hasn't shown any sign of early labour. Just wondered if any one had had a similar issue but went on ti go full term & if the steroids worked etc
Sorry for the long post but we weren't even sure my daughter could conceive so everyday she carries my grand daughter is a little miracle. Zx

FitzChivalry Wed 15-Feb-17 05:55:03

In my experience (two small babies) they will probably want the baby out sooner rather than later and giving by giving the injections now they preparing for an early birth. That is not to say that they won't let her carry on for another couple of weeks, especially if scans are good and they are happy with the cord, but no growth to me would mean have a plan to get baby out

clementineorange Wed 15-Feb-17 06:16:49

* Start your own thread instead of posting on a Zombia thread confusedhmm

Deb12B Wed 15-Feb-17 07:20:21

Thank you. Xx

Deb12B Wed 15-Feb-17 07:28:37

I would but I don't know how.

arbrighton Wed 15-Feb-17 09:17:12

Click start new thread towards bottom of page.

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