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anyone else had spotting at 10 weeks?

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memoo Sun 01-Mar-09 23:19:14

Just a tiny bit really when I wiped. That was 4 hours ago and nothing since but I am terrified.

memoo Sun 01-Mar-09 23:29:09


Hangingbellyofbabylon Sun 01-Mar-09 23:53:53

My friend had some spotting at around 9-11 weeks if I recall rightly. Everything was fine for her. Take care and do get in contact with your early pregnancy unit in the morning, they will hopefully fit you in tomorrow. Thinking of you xx

sarah76 Mon 02-Mar-09 09:50:32

Yep, had it at 9 weeks and 10 weeks. Was terrified as I'd had a miscarriage previously. But nothing since then, and am 15 weeks now. I had a scan after the bleed at 9 weeks, and they couldn't tell where it was coming from. I didn't bother doing anything with the bleed at 10 weeks--had already seen the scan and everything was fine, so just tried to ignore it.

Do contact the EPU, or get your GP to refer you to it (if that's the way it works in your area). Seeing the scan will make you feel loads better.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 02-Mar-09 11:39:12

How are things today Memoo?

grinningbee Mon 02-Mar-09 12:33:23

I did memoo, at 7 weeks and then again at 11 weeks. As others have said, try to get a scan if you can at the EPU. I'd had an mc previously so was scared, and the scan really helped.

The bump is now 36 weeks and 4 days!

Hope you're ok


memoo Mon 02-Mar-09 19:03:59

Hi, I ended up going to A+E this morning because the spotting turned into full bleeding overnight.

Didn't lose any clots though, just bright red blood.

Had a scan this afternoon and thankfully everything is fine. Saw the baby with its heart beating, it was beautiful.

They couldn't find any reason for the bleed and it has pretty much stopped now. They have told me to put my feet up and take it easy for a while.

Thanks for the messages xx

forevermore Mon 02-Mar-09 19:26:31

yes i had this last week at 10 weeks but nothing since and had a scan which was 12 weeks

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 02-Mar-09 19:41:50

Good news, I'm so pleased for you smile

insertwittynicknameHERE Tue 03-Mar-09 08:56:39

memoo, I had spotting and quite heavy bleeding from 11 weeks with this pg I am now 20+4 and everything is fine now.

I rang the mat ward and they put me through to A&E who told me to come in. I went on the ward and the gyane person came and checked me, it was/is? a threatened miscarriage. They scanned me a couple of days later (it was over Xmas) and saw bubs and heartbeat.

DO contact your MW, EPU or GP if you feel at all worried, that feeling is so intense it can be horrendous waiting in case something happens. They will probably scan you they should be able to see a heartbeat at 10 weeks.

I hope you are okay.

insertwittynicknameHERE Tue 03-Mar-09 08:57:52

That will teach me not to read the whole thread wont it lol.

Such good news memoo, I am so happy for you.

DO take it easy and any more problems don't hesitate to get it checked out.

sarah76 Tue 03-Mar-09 11:52:09

memoo, that's great news. Take it easy!

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