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Late Period - Negative test

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Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 12:49:03

Have been trying for a baby for about 4 months - periods always regular - now 5 days late, 4 clear blue tests later and still negative results! Any suggestions anyone? should i try an early test so it's more sensitive?

Katherine Mon 07-Apr-03 12:59:18

How frustrating for you. Can only say that when I was pg with DD it took a stack of negative tests before I finally got a postive over a week later. Turned out I had popped the egg later that month which was why DD happened in the first place. So it may just be that your cycle was out. Equally though it could be that your cycle was out so that has made your period late. Or you may be skipping a period. Quite common.

I'm sorry I can't say either way really. I think you've just got to try and hang on and wait and see what happens. Sorry. Can imagine you are climbing the walls though so got everything crossed for you.

Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 14:05:30

Thanx. Just a bit confused!! don't want to keep doing tests as they are so expecnsive but then again just want to know either way! Very frustrating!

mum2toby Mon 07-Apr-03 14:09:35

Hey Jemma7 - you've got 2 of this thread on the go..... better check them both, coz a few folk have posted on the other one.

EmmaTMG Mon 07-Apr-03 14:13:29

Yep, I've just answered on the other one so well said Mum2Toby.

windmill Mon 07-Apr-03 23:42:53

Hi Jemma7; as I have said on the thread pregnancy tests-hormone levels, in my second pregnancy I did two tests that gave negative results and then had another test and it was positive. The following pregnancy I did a test and it seemed negative and then took it out of the bin a couple of hours later and realised it was positive, but only very very feint and I always use the tests that don't change. Maybe the first two tests in the second pregnancy were positive too but also so feint that I didn't see the extra dot. Do you have a branch of Life near you; they do free testing?

mum2toby Tue 08-Apr-03 08:40:25

Jemma7 - have you got a different test yet? Or do you have any news??? If the supsense is nearly killing ME, I can't imagine how you must be feeling!!!

Jemma7 Tue 08-Apr-03 08:45:35

Not had a chance yet as i'm at work from 8 til 5.30 - debating whether to just get another Clear Blue as i can only get to a boots at the weekend and don't think i could last that long!
Windmill; 1 of the test i'd done appeared to have a very faint line once i had taken it out of the bin several hours later but dopey partner decided to throw it in the bin! Not sure if it was just me thinking there was a line there!

Katherine Tue 08-Apr-03 12:03:10

A lot of the tests do show of faint positive later on so you can't rely on it -sorry. But you never know......

rainbow Tue 08-Apr-03 12:12:36

Keep trying Jemma7. I spent 4 years trying to fall for ds2. I've been told you can get a false negative but never a false positive. I left it late to go to the drs, 3 years, If you don't fall soon go and get help, especialy if you have been on the Pill!

Jemma7 Tue 08-Apr-03 12:43:26

I have been on thwe pill but came off prior to Xmas - Does this make a difference then?

Jemma7 Tue 08-Apr-03 14:11:08

Have just done a "boots" test - NEGATIVE -have decided going to give up now - surely 5 tests cannot be wrong?

EmmaTMG Tue 08-Apr-03 14:15:29

Oh, what a bummer! maybe it is because of coming off the pill. Have your periods been regular since then? is there any indication that its going to start, I normally know a day or two before that it's on the way.
If there still no sign of the dreaded monthly visitor I'd wait another week or so and try again or see your GP, after all aren't his tests free.

Jemma7 Tue 08-Apr-03 14:24:21

Yeah i will do, just find it a bit odd that 5 test are wrong! doesn't quote sound right! 1st month was irregular coming off of pill but since then regular as clock work. I can usually tell when i am due but no signs as yet!

EmmaTMG Tue 08-Apr-03 14:30:04

I think you said on one of these two threads that there was a very faint positive line on one test(was it you who said that?). I read somewhere that even a very very VERY faint line should be believed more any any number of negatives. The pregnancies hormones are either there or not so don't right this month yet, who knows in a few days we could all be saying, 'yes we thought so, congatulations' and if not a few days then anytime soon.

Jemma7 Tue 08-Apr-03 14:47:02

Yep that was me! how do i get rid of that other thread? I will just keep waiting if nothing by the weekend will do another HPT. It's just very frustrating would rather just know one way or another.

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