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placenta concern

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edd Thu 14-Apr-05 00:22:27

I am almost 30 wks pregnant after suffering 6 miscarraiges. I am suffering from a very sharp pain in my right side which I thought was a nerve, but it has been confirmed by scan the babys head is pressing against the low lying placenta which if errupts can bring on an early section. I am on tylex painkillers and i am very concerned about the lot. Has anyone ever had this complaint?

mears Thu 14-Apr-05 00:47:01

edd - the position of the baby should not be causing you such intense pain. The water around the baby will actually stop the baby pressing against the placenta. How long have you had this pain? Has the doctor examined you to exclude appendicitis?

edd Thu 14-Apr-05 13:42:47

Hi Mears, I had my appendicitix out a few years ago and there is adhesions around this area. The babys head is pressing against the placenta which in turn is pressing alot against the adhesions and i have been told this can cause the intense pain i am having. Even when the doctor done the scan in this area there was alot of discomfort. I am just so worried concerning the possibility of the baby arriving early or is 30 wks early??? I have gone through so much I'm just so scared of something going wrong.

uwila Thu 14-Apr-05 14:25:37

OMG, 6 miscarriages?!?! Youpoor thing. I have a friend who just had her second baby. Both were born at 35 weeks and both are perfectly fine. So if you can just hang on for another month or so, you should be okay.... I would think.

But, I must add that I am no doctor. SO I'm really not qualified to advise. But, I have certainly hear of babues born at 28+ weeks who had some difficulties at first but turned out to have no long term medical problems.

Best of luck to you. I'm 33 weeks now. So you're not far behind me. You must be due in June?

edd Thu 14-Apr-05 22:10:11

Hi uwila, delighted to hear the positive outcome with your friends babies, just pray that i get over at least the next 4 wks and yes i am due in june, best of luck to you too

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