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Pleasetell me what happens at 12 week scan...

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AliBean Tue 24-Feb-09 16:33:53

I am nervous of hospitals and have scan tomorrow. I think I would feel better if I knew what will happen - can anyone help me out please?

Also why do I have to take a urine sample and go with a full bladder (this is on the letter)??

Any advice gladly received!


leftangle Tue 24-Feb-09 16:36:35

Went for 20wk scan with full bladder as instructed. Dr showed me straight into toilet - before the scan - said full bladder completey pointless and I'd be more comfortable for the scan if I emptied it first.

WowOoo Tue 24-Feb-09 16:38:15

They put some warm gel on your tummy nad then you can see your baby. it's lovely. They usually give you some photos.
Check to see that all limbs are there, the heart, that there's one baby there (I was dreading it incase there were two!!).

Can't remember what they test the urine for. Protein maybe (not sure about this)

They were very nice when we were there. Hope you're not too nervous. it will be fine and nice to see your baby.

heavenstobetsy Tue 24-Feb-09 16:39:00

You need a full bladder for the 12 week scan because a full bladder means its out of the way and they can get a clear picture of yoru uterus.

The urine sample is just because they like to check your wee every chance they get!

WowOoo Tue 24-Feb-09 16:39:13

I thought full bladder helped them to see baby. Not sure about the logic in this though adn I'm probably wrong!

lauraloo09 Tue 24-Feb-09 16:42:23

alibean 12 week scan was great for me, gave reassurance after miscarrigae fears and was wonderful to see my baby again nice and healthy. The sonographer will check to see if there is only 1 or more babies there, will check gestation dates and will check for growing head, beating heart etc The sonographer will also point out everything to you like the arms and legs and you will receive small black and white photos

You are asked to go with a fullish bladder as the baby may still be too low behind your pelvis for them to scan properly. but then again I went with a full bladder was taken 45 mins late (was fit to burst) and was asked to empty part of my bladder.

I hope you enjoy your scan and please let us know how you get on x

loganberry12 Tue 24-Feb-09 16:46:26

depends what area you are in to weather you need a full bladder. Im in kent and was told not to have a full bladder for the 12 weeks scan, i wasnt asked to take a urine sample either. enjoyit, it is so lovely to see the baby for the first time makes it all so real, its amazing

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Tue 24-Feb-09 16:48:34

Don't worry!

They are really nice and it's not hugely 'medical.' They don't start doing lots of scary things to you - the only bit that is worth getting your head around in advance is that they are checking to see if everything is alright with your baby.

full bladder shoves baby up a bit so they can get a better look, but i too got carried away and had to try and empty half my bladder! (quite hard to do) I think that was at the 20 week scan tho. at 12 weeks bubs is still teeny and a full bladder is helpful so they can see, nothing more than that.

Oh and I agree with heavenstobetsy, get used to peeing in a jar, they do like to check your wee.

AliBean Tue 24-Feb-09 16:48:42

Thanks everyone - I am sure it will be great but at the moment I am suffering from my usual pre-hospital visit nerves. I just don't like the atmosphere and I always get weird beforehand!
I have to say I have never been a patient, but had a bad experience as a child of visiting my step-father who was dying of stomach cancer. This experience has stayed with me and I have been known to get panic attacks when visiting other poorly people - Not a very good visitor I know!
I am hoping all will be well with my baby so I can have a nice, cosy home birth!

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Thu 26-Feb-09 20:07:47

how did it go alibean?


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