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Hoping to go on holiday at 24wks pg during the first week in May - any suggestions?

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HerNameWasLola Mon 23-Feb-09 10:42:46

DH and I are hoping to get away for our last holiday before our family of 2 (hopefully) becomes a family of 3 and we’d be really grateful for some wise MN suggestions smile

We’re limited as to when we can go by DH’s work. It will either have to be the first week of May when I should be 24 weeks pg or the first week in June when I should be 28 weeks.

This is my third pg. I’ve had 2 mc’s before this pg, the last in April 08 at 17.5 weeks. So far [touch wood] this pg has been fine and the doctors seem confident so there’s no reason we shouldn’t go but I wonder if I would find it easier to relax at 24 weeks somehow. It’s taken us a lot to get to this point and we don't want to do anything silly, but I think a break would do us both a lot of good.

We’d like some sun, sea and general relaxation. We both tend to get quite depressed if it rains on holiday, so staying in this country is a no-no. It may well sound silly but I’m a bit nervous about going at 28 weeks.

We’re thinking Med, but will it be warm enough at the beginning of May? We’ve been to a place called Kalkan in Turkey a few times which we love, but never as early as the beginning of May, and I’ve never been on holiday pg so I really don’t know!

All advice/suggestions gratefully received smile

bluepanda Tue 24-Feb-09 23:03:24

Dh and i went to Madeira when I was about 25 wks and had a fab time - better to go then as I think some airlines are funny about you flying after 28 wks - also you should be in golden period of more energy/ not too fat to move!! Found Madeira a nice choice, pretty laid back and scenery gorgeous if you hire a car and drive into the mountains. It's Portuguese so you would be able to get European health care and we found most people spoke english( just in case - but sure you will be absolutely fine)
Oh and I loved being pg while travelling - people are so nice to you!!! extra pudding.... people give you seats on airport transfer bus.... dh will feel he has to carry all luggage... people will give you benevolent smiles...or pat your bump (!)
Go, have fun, and really enjoy what will be your last holiday as a couple for some time xx

1stMrsF Wed 25-Feb-09 11:32:36

DH and I have been on holiday in Europe in May several times and had sunbathing weather. Try the Canaries, Madeira, Cyprus for warm weather without too much flying. We went to Cyprus when I was 16 weeks (not same time of year as you though) and I really enjoyed it but 4 hour flight was about the maximum I would have wanted to travel. We thought about Red Sea but I decided likelihood of food poisoning rather higher in Egypt. LIke bluepanda, I would really recommend Madeira.

I personally would go at 24 weeks rather than 28, I've been surprised at the difference in my size and tiredness levels in just a month (I am having twins, so it is magnified in my case though). Holiday does mean you can nap during the day a lot too!

There was a thread on here a few months ago on tips for travelling whilst pregnant; probably worth a search.

Have a great time

beautifulgirls Wed 25-Feb-09 13:57:59

I also vote for you going at 24 rather than 28 weeks - you need to consider your travel insurance and their requirements and also the airlines cut off dates for flying - you should still be able to do it at 28 weeks, but you may need to get health certificates in place first by then with some carriers. 24 weeks should be straighforward to just go. Also bear in mind you will find it harder in the heat with a bump, so what you would normally love may be a bit too hot for you when pregnant. If it is warm but not too hot you should have a more comfortable trip.

bluebump Wed 25-Feb-09 14:48:37

I went to Spain at 24 weeks (last year, late April) and it was fine. You just make sure you have the new E11 card because if you need to go to hospital (I did in a previous pregnancy) that's all they ask for. It was certainly not too hot but lovely and sunny too. Also the flight isn't too long, just over 2 hours (although I was banned from flying and had to take a 20 hour ferry ride and an 8 hour drive to our place - with numerous wee stops for me! Eek!)

countrylover Thu 26-Feb-09 18:10:02

We went to Lanzarote in January when I was 26 weeks pregnant and it was fine. By May it will be lovely and warm, when we went it was only 18-19 degrees.

We stayed in a fantastic five star hotel called Princess Yaiza in Playa Blanca. I'm not sure what your budget is but it's great for a relaxing break with excellent childcare for the kids too.

The flight was only four hours which was just about right - any longer and it would have started getting uncomfortable. The only negative was flying into literally gale force winds in Gatwick and never being so scared in all my life!

ceb80 Thu 26-Feb-09 19:08:38

We went to Gran Canaria when I was 25 weeks, in January. Weather was pretty good, flight okay (asked for an aisle seat so I didn't have to annoy people getting up for the loo every 5 minutes!)
Took quite a bit of my own food for the flight and snacks during the holiday as I was having some specific cravings. I got my insurance with Insure and Go and 26 weeks was the latest that they would have insured me, the airline were quite diligent in checking too but would have been very easy to lie!
Make sure you take your notes with you just incase. Only other thing I would say is I think we take it for granted in England about the non smoking laws. Everywhere in the hotel we stayed in was so smokey even the cleaner smoked while she did our room!

HerNameWasLola Thu 26-Feb-09 20:08:43

Thanks so much for all the suggestions smile Having now looked at so many other places I think we're more or less decided on going back to Turkey blush Thanks too for the tips, ceb I will definitely be taking my own snacks! I may well be feeling better by then, but atm although the nausea has subsided A LOT I still feel very queasy if I go too long without food - not a relaxing start to a holiday! BluePanda I'm relying on the extra puddings to make up for the lack of alcohol wink

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