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lower back pain and leg pain too - a sign of early pregnancy?

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yellowflowers Wed 18-Feb-09 17:46:09

Hi - I am ttc and on a board there but wondered if any of you could help. I am 4-6 dpo and getting lower back pain - possibly not a pregnancy thing but it is weird, not like anything I have had before but funny shooting weird sensations in back - weird and odd rather than painful. Am feeling it a bit in my leg too when it happens. Does this sound like anything you've had?
Sorry for inarticulacy of my description.

Timeisablindguide Wed 18-Feb-09 17:47:27

Sounds a bit like sciatica! Not a usual symptom of pregnancy I'm afraid, but doesn't mean you're not. Good luck.

brettgirl2 Wed 18-Feb-09 18:04:25

I had what you describe from about 8 weeks but I don't think you'd get it that early.

yellowflowers Wed 18-Feb-09 18:16:47

Hi - i just googled sciatica and it does sound just like that.Hmmmm. Getting occasional twinges in lower abdomen though as well but probably just wishful thinking

Timeisablindguide Wed 18-Feb-09 18:54:48

You never know - you night have both - sciatica and a pregnancy!! smile

I wouldn't think about the pregnancy bit too much 9hard I know) and just sort out whatever's going on with your back - see a gp rather than google could end up thinking you had all sorts of things!! I've convinced myself of all sorts of illnesses in the past!! grin

good luck anyway!

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