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student 'bashed' into my bump!

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berolina Tue 12-Apr-05 11:46:00

In our teeming corridors a student didn't look where she was going and she and her bag bumped into the side of my bump (33 weeks tomorrow), towards the top. It wasn't really hard and didn't hurt, although about half an hour after it happened the area, or just above it, started feeling a bit sore (could be unrelated? as my ribs above that are also a bit sore). Have I got anything to worry about? Had a 'waters or not?' scare at the weekend so am really reluctant to rush off to the docs again... Can I assume if baby carries on moving and I get no bleeding (am paranoid about rhe placenta) that I'm OK?

starlover Tue 12-Apr-05 11:47:52

I would think that you're probably fine!
Just remember, baby is protected by the waters, and the womb, and everything round it.. so probably didn't feel much!

My mum went splat on her tummy in the middle of the road when she was v.pregnant with me, but I was fine!

As you say, if baby is moving ok, and you suffer no other effects (bleeding etc) then you'll be fine!

debs26 Tue 12-Apr-05 11:50:39

i cant remember how many times i hit myself in the bump with a door! i kept forgetting it was there and not allowing enough room! i never had any problems because of it and i dont think you will but you sound quite worried so it might be worth calling your midwife to set your own mind at rest. you dont need to ask for any major checks but am sure she would be happy to check heart beat and so on. hth x

FastasleepTheInsomniac Tue 12-Apr-05 12:03:13

I got elbowed in the bump really hard by a student on a bus, on my way to the womens hospital actually so I was really worried already... and the student had the nerve to turn around and go 'what you pulling that face for you fat b*tch!' good job DH was there mwahaha

FastasleepTheInsomniac Tue 12-Apr-05 12:04:25

Baby was fine - they can take a lot of bashing around in there! I don't think I'd be worried unless I had long lasting pain and or bruising.

berolina Tue 12-Apr-05 12:18:32

at least 'my' student said 'oh gosh, sorry' (or something along those lines!)
Think I'll be OK - not really sore any more and could just be things pulling (have got to the stage where bump starts directly below boobs - and I'm actually carrying quite 'low'!)

berolina Tue 12-Apr-05 12:20:36

cheers everyone - I think I'll just see MW if the soreness comes back and stays.

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