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i reali want to eat philadelphia//is it safe in pregnancy?

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mama2leah Mon 16-Feb-09 09:33:09

been craving it lik maddddddddd

Picante Mon 16-Feb-09 09:33:51

Yes it's pasteurised.

mama2leah Mon 16-Feb-09 09:37:11

ahhhhhhhhhhh do u knw how happy u made me!!!! i been goin nuts....!!!!


bratnav Mon 16-Feb-09 09:43:58

Can I hijak and ask if we are allowed to eat cheesecake (supermarket, prob frozen)?

SheWillBeLoved Mon 16-Feb-09 09:49:43

Bratnav, I've eaten cheesecake, frozen and freshly made. Had no problems. We are allowed to eat this stuff, it's just that if it does somehow give you food poisoning now you're pregnant (midwife said the risks of it happening are the same as before being pregnant), it's not really good.

Picante Mon 16-Feb-09 09:58:19

I've just had runny eggs so am being rather laid back this time round!

MuppetsMuggle Mon 16-Feb-09 10:01:31

I ate loads of philli last time, on toasted bagels yum yum

bratnav Mon 16-Feb-09 10:06:33


mama2leah Mon 16-Feb-09 10:27:58

and runny eggs....ohhhhhhhhhhh y is it in pregnancy u wan these tings!

ClaraDeLaNoche Mon 16-Feb-09 10:29:38

For first pregnancy - not safe. For second pregnancy - have it with prawns, goats cheese and runny eggs. wink

mama2leah Mon 16-Feb-09 10:30:52


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