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Aromatherapy and pregancy

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mummyhill Mon 11-Apr-05 15:07:09

Hi, I have read a few threads recently where aromatherpay oils are mentioned and no-one seems to be sure about which ones are safe durring pregnancy,and for children. So i thought that as i have done a bit of a study on this I would share my knowledge with you all.

An average adult dosage is 1 drop essential oil to 2 ml of base lotion/oil. In the bath tub use no more than 6 drops of oil.

Essential oils should not be used in physical applications in the first four months of pregnancy. After such time it is believed that Chamomile, Frankincense, lavender, lime, manderin, plamarosa, petitgrain, Tea Tree and Neroli are sfae to use in half the quantity you would usually use.

Babies, infants and children require a different dosage from adults, and some oils are not suitable for their use at all. There is a great deal of controversey around this issue with aromatherapists, some will hold the opinion that you can use any oil at any age where as others will tell you not to use them on children at all. However there seems to be a basic guideline which many of the therapists i have spoken to over the years follow. Babies (birth - four years) Lavender and chamomile only in minute doses (one drop oil to every 7-8ml base oil) Infants (4 - 7 years) Add Manadarin, Rose and palmarosa to the list but in the same dilution as for babies. If your child does not have sensitive skin you could also add Tea tree and Cedarwood to your list. Children (7-12 years) Use any oil in half the adult dilution and monitor reactions carefully.

Hope this helps. I have a book shelf full of relevant literature, found it very useful whilst training, unfortunatly did not get as far as taking my exams due to pregnancy but will resume the studies and take the exams when the children are a little older. Will try to help with advice if any one wants it please feel free to cat.

rodeo1 Mon 11-Apr-05 22:26:05

Hi Mummyhill,

I'm using a palm full of oil with 1-2 drops of Lavender to protect against stretchmarks - my mum's a qualified aromatherapist and says that lavender is very good for scars and the like - I used it neat on a scar when I had a compound fracture of the shin bone and the wound healed really well - although I wasn't pg at the time thank god!

Also my mum made me a massage oil up for my ds when he was a newborn, which was probs in the quantities you discribed, with lavender and roman camomile, I used to massage him every night, after bath and before last bf, and he loved it made him really peaceful. He used to smell like a georgeous little herbal teabag!

You defo should resume studies, my mum is also a full time early years teacher, but she loves her aromatherapy work. She comes from a family of holistic people - one sister's an acupuncturist, anothers a yoga teacher and brother's a priest

mummyhill Tue 12-Apr-05 08:30:20

I probably will as i really enjoy it, dad is a bit miffed that he doesn't get his back massage at the moment, i was doing it minus the essential oils for a while but bump is a little to big for me to get close enough to the couch to make the massage effective with out hurting my back.

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