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Excess amniotic fluid at 34 weeks, scary as mw said it could be due to baby having a blind oesophagus. Help!

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Spotsanddots Thu 12-Feb-09 12:20:44

I am 34 weeks and have been measuring about 4 weeks further on. My Midwife sent me for a scan and the amniotic fluid is very high 26cm. The baby is breech too. She said that the fluid may be high due to a problem with the baby being unable to swallow properly , she called it a blind oesephagus. She only mentioned it and when i got home i felt really worried. I have another scan in 2 weeks and they are hoping the levels will have dropped. I hardly slept last night after reading what having extra fluid could mean. Anyone been in this position? I would really appreciate your replies.

cmotdibbler Thu 12-Feb-09 12:21:51

My friend had this - turned out the baby was fine, and just one of those strange fluid things

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