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Only 13 weeks Pregnant but cannot keep hunger away

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valz Tue 10-Feb-09 14:27:32

hi Ladies Im 13 weeks pregnant with twins, first pregnancy, glad to say my morning sickness has eased off ever so slightly, not throwing up as much these days. however i seem to be hungry all the time, very little fills me then 1/2-1 hour later im starvin again and i have to eat otherwise id start feeling sick again. what the hell is going on, the babies are only 3 inches long so they could be needing constant food. for example today i took a bowl of crunchy nuts this morning, felt stuffed full for about an hour, then ate toast and 1/2 banana, full again- an hour later starving again so i ate the other half of the banana, now an hour later im starving again so i just ate a pancake 10 mins ago but the hungers is still here, rumbling stomach and all. weighing about 9st 10lbs at mo and 5ft 4in so average build. havent been craving anything really, cant seem to eat veg but fruit is fine. what can i ate to combat this constant need for food?

lovelymama Tue 10-Feb-09 15:30:01

those babies may only be 3 inches long but it takes alot of energy to make little heads, tummies, ears, hearts, legs....! don't know about you but for the first 3 months of being PG I was knackered. Your body is working so hard to make a baby it must need more food. What you're eating sounds quite healthy so I'd just keep eating those sorts of things. I couldn't face fruit or veg until about month 4 or 5 so just ate loads of carbs, which is what I felt like eating. Looking back, I'd pack away so much food it was unreal, and my DS was a big boy and so healthy.

Enjoy your food and watching those gorgeous babies grow!

PussinJimmyChoos Tue 10-Feb-09 15:36:28

I was constantly hungry the first three months of pregnancy with DS - I would need to eat frequently and would feel sick if I didn't.

The feeling sick if didn't eat phase passed by about 3 months but I did have a very healthy appetite throughout the whole pregnancy...I was worried at first but then I thought well, its my body's way of telling me what it needs so I just went with the flow. DS wasn't a big baby - 7lb 2.5oz but I was 5ft 2" and 10st when conceived so I guess my body wanted extra padding or something!

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