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Britax First Class car seat

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vic891 Sat 09-Apr-05 13:42:46

Help! DH has had a go at fitting it - and it loks as though it's where it should be, but I just can't imagine being able to manoevre the baby into the seat (rear-facing) - the seatbelt cuts right across the space between the seat and the door frame.

Anybody used this seat rear-facing and found the same thing? (BTW I checked the Britax site and the seat does fit our car).

Thought I was being clever saving money and getting it from Kiddicare, but now wish we'd got Mothercare to show us how to fit it - may not have gone for it if I'd have known how clumsy it is!

tiffini Sat 09-Apr-05 14:08:34

kwik fit will fit it for you free of chaarge, and i think Halfords might.

starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 16:27:36

as tiffini says, you should be able to get someone from halfords or kwik fit to fit it for you...

But have you thought about just putting the seat belt round it AFTER you have put the baby in?
We have a maxi cosi infant carrier and there is no way you can get the baby in with the seatbelt on it... you have to have baby in already and then put the seatbelt round...

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