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An old hand but out of touch with this one.

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MissyMichelle Sun 08-Feb-09 15:55:01

I've just found this site as I'm desperately trying to find some answers right now and still none the wiser. Try and keep it as short as poss but think it could be a long one! Ok, I'm 41 and 14 yrs ago, when my youngest daughter was one, I was offered a steralization. Can't remember if they clamped tied my tubes but for 14 years, I didn't regret it once. Then last year, I met my current partner who doesn't have kids but one day would, then I regretted it. I made him aware from the start that I'd been steralized, went to discuss reversla at the docs last year but he said IVF was a better option. We left it at that and was hoping to get married first and think about kids later on. My periods have been like clockwork since I met him and haven't missed one. Anyway, after my last period on 5th Jan this year, one morning, on the 28th, I felt period like cramps and was expecting to see Aunt Flo that morning, but nothing happened. From then on I started to get pregnancy like symptoms, nausea, peeing more, constipation, really tired, and my stomach started to look almost pregnant. So, last Monday, I did a test but it came back negative. I went to the docs the next day to see a nurse, explained it to her, though when I mentioned tubal ligation she said it was highly unlikely but gave me an early morning sample bottle anyway, had to use it the next morning and take it in, where the results would be back last Friday. On the 4th, that evening, I noticed a pinky/brown discharge when I wiped myself, but nothing heavy. The next day when I got up, I went to the loo and noticed a reddier blood but nothing heavy, not as I normally am.I started to get period pains and think I used two towels and stopped after a few days. I was upset and confused as my stomach usually goes down as soon as I've finished, but the shapes still there. Docs test on Friday came back negative but was expecting it seeing as it was only a few days since I did the first one. I've kept my eye out for clots and abdominal pain since then but nothing. Still getting the pregnancy signs, tired and could sleep for england some days. Still constipated, off some food. Ate like a pig yesterday but today I could go without. Still having the odd dizzy spell and headaches. I've got a docs appointment on Thursday and I'm going to request a scan as well as a blood test. Been reading on here about pregnancies after tubal ligation and it's more common than I thought?! Have been reading about ecptopics and what to look out for. Know this sounds silly but I haven't got the foggiest how far pregnant I could be if I am/was? And if it was ecptopic could that be why my test came back positive? Or could it just be too early to tell yet? It's like my body's telling me one thing, but doing another. I'm getting worried about this now. If anyone out there's had a smiliar experience, be nice to hear about it to help put my mind at rest. hmm Thanks xx

QueenFee Sun 08-Feb-09 20:56:00

Sorry I don't know anything about this but bumping up for you smile

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