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Spontaneuos Morning Sickness Anyone?

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Enthusia Sat 09-Apr-05 08:50:53

Hi - have been having bouts of sickness that come without any warning. They come at times I don't feel sick and I have no time to rush anywhere - I imagine this could get very embarrasing when I return to work on Monday. When I do feel sick - I rarely am, and when I don't I am, very weird. BTW first pg and just completed 9 weeks. Oh and very stinky carpet now

bobbybob Sat 09-Apr-05 08:52:11

Bicarb of Soda and sympathies to you.

bobbybob Sat 09-Apr-05 08:52:33

Bicarb for stinky carpet BTW.

Enthusia Sat 09-Apr-05 08:54:07

How do I use the bicarb - do i just sprinkle it on and vacuum or, dilute it or what? Not heard of this one. Thanks by the way!!!

Twiglett Sat 09-Apr-05 09:02:09

Ginger helps stop the nausea, keep a packet of crystallised ginger in your pocket and pop it in for the nausea

as for the vomiting - maybe take a barf bag with you?

Enthusia Sat 09-Apr-05 09:06:07

Twiglett- good idea about the barf bag - unfortunately, being a teacher, I can see my class of 8 year olds either thinking it is hilarious - or joining in in sympathy! Have tried various ginger options but not crystalised, will give that a go. Thanks

vwvic Sat 09-Apr-05 09:39:19

Why don't you try acupuncture? I had hyperemesis (continuos vomiting) and that was pretty much the only thing that kept me going. You might be able to be refered by your midwife, or alternatively go private. IIRC it costs about £30 session- money well spent in my opinion if it means you can have a normalish life.

Don't forget about eating something every feww hours- low blood sugar can make the sicknesss worse.


bobbybob Sat 09-Apr-05 09:56:45

I think you sprinkle it on, give it a bit to absorb and then vacuum up.

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