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First-timer alert: what's it like when your waters break?

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berolina Fri 08-Apr-05 20:10:25

Evening all.

Am 32 weeks + 2 and had a really bizarre sensation when standing under the shower just now. It was like a 'pop', locatable in my lower bump, so it could have been a baby kick, but felt somehow different and then I thought I felt something further down as well. As I was standing under the shower, it was difficult to tell whether anything was running down my leg! Now all seems quiet but I'm still a tiny bit worried. If it had been my waters it would continue to run for some time, wouldn't it, and I would actually feel it gushing out of me? I was classed by my doctor as being at some risk of prem labour for a while and had to rest/put my feet up as much as possible, but I had an appointment yesterday and he said the cervix was nice and closed, baby lying with head down-ish but not engaged. Am I just being completely paranoid?

oooggs Fri 08-Apr-05 20:12:54

My waters went at 36 weeks at 3.30am in bed. I felt like I need a wee and woke up and the bed was soaked. I was still leaking water 5 hours later. I know not much help. Have you rung the midwife just to query it?

dejags Fri 08-Apr-05 20:13:44


the first time my waters broke there was absolutely NO mistaking it - they broke and gushed for hours.

second time they broke more slowly i.e. mine/babies position on how much leaked.

DEFINITELY go and get checked out - the hospital can do an exam and/or swab to see if your cervix is dilated, they may also possibly give you a scan to check how much fluid is around the baby.

Don't feel as if you are wasting their time - that's what they are there for.

Let us know how you get on.

Ellbell Fri 08-Apr-05 20:13:54

If it was your waters I think that they'd just keep on flowing. Mine didn't go in a huge rush (like I'd imagined they would) more like a constant trickle, but once they went they just kept on coming...! It was a while ago, but I think I remember that 'popping' sensation. Probably a kick or even baby's hand pushing against something. I'm sure other MNers will be able to reassure you even more.

motherinferior Fri 08-Apr-05 20:14:53

Mine felt like sitting on a balloon that went pop. First time was well into labour, second time was 10 mins before it started.

kama Fri 08-Apr-05 20:15:41

Message withdrawn

tamum Fri 08-Apr-05 20:18:29

Mine gushed endlessly, but I'm sure it can be a very small amount if the baby then plugs the gap, for example. I'm sure you're fine, but I would get it checked.

CarrieG Fri 08-Apr-05 20:19:01

Mine went with a definite 'pop', followed by a gush, & then carried on trickling for hours...there was no mistaking them AT ALL!

But there was a girl on the same ward as me who was in for observation because she'd been gently leaking on & off for 2 whole weeks, so obviously quite a bit of variation - I'd get it checked just to put your mind at rest? Good luck!

berolina Fri 08-Apr-05 20:50:31

I've rung my MW but can't reach her. I really don't know what to do - it was just a weird sensation, I didn't actually feel any fluid coming out of me, and I've had 'pops' or feelings of pressure low down before when the baby's kicked me in the bladder or cervix. Plus, now (and since getting out of the shower) everything is absolutely dry. I really don't want to go to the hospital if not absolutely necessary - I've been very anxious during this pregnancy and have gone to the doctor's or hospital so often because of not feeling 'sure' about something, and I'd rather avoid going again if I can.

Hausfrau Fri 08-Apr-05 20:56:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

berolina Fri 08-Apr-05 21:13:07

Thanks everyone (Hausfrau - will drop you a line!)

I'm now losing (TMI warning) completely normal, acidic (in Germany you can buy home vaginal pH testing kits) vaginal goo. That surely wouldn't be possible if it was my waters! Looks like a false alarm...

2boyz Fri 08-Apr-05 22:57:29

It may be your plug - like egg white, for a better description! My hind waters broke, so trickled for 24hrs before being induced - that was ok though. Speak to m/w tomorrow.

chipmonkey Fri 08-Apr-05 23:44:16

Berolina, when my waters broke, it was just like that, a pop, then a very slow trickle. Do get it checked out.

Gwenick Sat 09-Apr-05 00:16:43

My first water went with a pop and MASSIVE gush.

2nd time round it was a trickle, which I had for a couple of hours and then it stopped.

berolina Sat 09-Apr-05 12:17:33

Thanks. Nothing's happened overnight, and there wasn't enough of the goo last night for it to be my plug (unless I've got a very, very small one!) Have spoken to my MW, who says keep an eye on it and don't overdo things, but because nothing is trickling out, she thinks it's OK.

berolina Sat 09-Apr-05 12:30:22

Am pretty relieved btw - as impatient as I am for the birth, 32 weeks is a little too early...

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