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6 weeks - normal?

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ChaCha Fri 08-Apr-05 17:38:36

Other than cleaning the house all morning I have had none of the usual m/s, esp after food. No tiredness and just minimal cramping.
Is this a bad sign or just a good day? Worried and need to talk. Thanks for listening. Paranoid probably.

dinosaur Fri 08-Apr-05 17:40:48

ChaCha with my DS2 I spent weeks in a panic because like you all my pg symptoms seemed to disappear - no sore boobs, didn't feel queasy - nothing. However they all came back with a vengeance when I was about 12 weeks and he was absolutely fine. Try not to worry (I know it's easier said than done).

Twiglett Fri 08-Apr-05 18:13:18

sounds pretty normal to me you don't need to feel sick in early pregnancy

With DD it only kicked in at 8 weeks

With DS didn't have any until the end of pregnancy

pregnancies are weird

kama Fri 08-Apr-05 18:15:41

Message withdrawn

vict17 Fri 08-Apr-05 18:18:36

Yes this is total normal. I too worried that all my symptoms had disappeared after 3 weeks of sickness but everything was fine.

ChaCha Fri 08-Apr-05 19:06:55

You see i've been sick and have had all the usual symptoms since just before I did my HPT (at about 4.5 weeks). Today though, I just seem to be eating like a horse and that's it. No mood swings and no's a first!

zippy539 Fri 08-Apr-05 19:14:54

Just to say i had cramps with both ds and dd at six weeks. First time round (with ds) very abrupt doc told me I could well be having a m/c and made me demented with worry for about four weeks. Second time round (with dd) female doc told me early cramps were completely normal. Both times I also felt I had a loss of symptoms at around the six/seven week mark ie boobs etc. Hang in there - you'll feel more confident as the weeks pass.

ChaCha Fri 08-Apr-05 19:29:00

Should've kept my big mouth shut!
7.30pm, it's back! Just as i was looking fwd to favourite meal...
ohhh nausea...hate it!

Enthusia Fri 08-Apr-05 19:34:21

Glad you had a better day ChaCha - see I told you I was a stalker

franke Fri 08-Apr-05 19:35:39

ChaCha - so pleased to hear you're feeling sick again I know exactly what you mean about suddenly feeling normal - I suppose your body just needs a break every now and again.

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