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Baby engaging/dropping and reduced heartburn!!

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GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Thu 05-Feb-09 16:06:00

Just had to post to see if I was having a freakishly good day or can celebrate this milestone of getting closer to giving birth.

Am 34.5wks and notice big change in bump, in southerly direction. Today I've got through breakfast and lunch without heartburn so far!

Anyone else found this?- might it get worse again before the the birth? or can I celebrate with a large cup of tea (previously like drinking hydrochloric acid!)



dan39 Thu 05-Feb-09 21:32:42

Enjoy it while it lasts!! I was due yesterday...have had a few weeks of less heartburn but the little bugger seems to have stretched back up or something and the pain of the movements as well as the heartburn is awful..

Don't throw the gaviscon away just yet!

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Thu 05-Feb-09 21:53:32

Thanks Dan, got a box of gaviscon tablets for labour so am prepared for the last few weeks.

I will definately enjoy it while it lasts...

Feeling rather pleased right now as I've just had first evening meal in ages that hasnt remained in my throat from second I've eaten it!.. grin

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