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Twins conceived a month apart - has anyone heard of this?

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PeppermintPatty Tue 03-Feb-09 18:48:40

My friend told me today that their friend is expecting twins conceived a month apart. She conceived one twin but ovulated again the next month and then conceived the second one.

I didn't even think this was possible!!!

Has anyone heard of this or is my has my fiend got the wrong end of the stick?

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 18:50:50

Must be wrong... I know you can ovulate twice in one month and sometimes can have twins conceived in that way, but surely your pregnancy hormones would have risen sufficiently to suppress ovulation, and if they hadn't then the first pregnancy wouldn't have been viable. I may be wrong, but I think your friend has her dates slightly out. I have heard of twins conceived a couple of days apart but not a month.

4andnotout Tue 03-Feb-09 18:55:26

I have heard of this before, im sure i read an article about it.

<<goes off to google>>

Qally Tue 03-Feb-09 18:57:32

I know twins who were apparently conceived a couple of weeks apart, by the early scan dates. It's called superfetation. A month seems pretty astonishing, because the mother must either have menstruated or have a very long cycle - but not impossible perhaps?

AnarchyHeart Tue 03-Feb-09 18:57:43


Maria2007 Tue 03-Feb-09 18:58:41

What?! sounds completely weird & unbelievable to me... hmm. And so would the twins then be born a month apart too? wink

PeppermintPatty Tue 03-Feb-09 18:59:10

Well apparently she has had her 12 week scan and the twins have been dated as being 4 weeks apart in age.

I didn't think it was possible either.

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 18:59:45

My friend who's a twin (now in her 30's) was told that they think they were conceived a month apart because developmentally one was pretty much term at birth and the other prem - presumably going on things like vernix, eyes being shut that type of thing. I also think the size difference was signifcant.

4andnotout Tue 03-Feb-09 19:00:09

Yes it is possible, here is details

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:00:33

I stand corrected, but it's obviously very rare, and I'm sure the fact that the woman in the Daily Mail had lost one twin was a factor. Her hormones must have skewed slightly enough to allow her to ovulate.

Tamarto Tue 03-Feb-09 19:00:58

I read something about this once, but IIRC the woman had two wombs.

4andnotout Tue 03-Feb-09 19:01:14

Please excuse my grammer , it has been a long day! blush

idobelieveinfairies Tue 03-Feb-09 19:01:15

My 2nd set of twins were concieved 2 weeks apart...we found out at the 12 week scan..there was a 2 weeks growth difference.

Not sure if 4 weeks is possible or not...i guess if she released an egg very early in cycle and then at very end then maybe?

I know that my 2nd twin was concieved on day 25 of my 28 cycle so very late!

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:02:43

Two wombs Tomarto!!!! Blimey, labour must have been fun (not)

Gives a new angle to the joke about a dog with two dicks

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 19:02:59

It's known that some women carry on having periods when they are already pregnant - often why you ended up finding out your 5 months pregnant without knowing!

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:03:57

Aren't those periods anovulatory though cargirl? I'm not doubting it's possible to conceive twins, I stand corrected on that one, but it's obviously quite rare and I know a few people who've had periods when pregnant.

eNABlemetobebetter Tue 03-Feb-09 19:05:05

I conceived twice. One baby and twins. Unfortunately only one survived.

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:07:49

Sorry to hear that NAB

PeppermintPatty Tue 03-Feb-09 19:09:46

Wow idobelieve thats amazing grin

And you have 2 sets of twins? Are you a twin yourself? I know it can by hereditary.

Do you know what caused you to ovulate twice in your cycle?

eNABlemetobebetter Tue 03-Feb-09 19:09:53

Thanks HF,

Your name always makes me think of my DD as she loves fairy books.

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:10:58

Actually I've shamelessly pinched it from my dad, he calls my mum headfairy as she's The Boss and we don't mess with her

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 19:12:58

I have no idea tbh but we're not machines and we don't work perfectly IYSWIM!!! It could be that some women ovulate from both ovaries each cycle but obviously not released at the same time.

The possibilities are endless I guess!

Tamarto Tue 03-Feb-09 19:18:01

LOL HF doesn't it just grin

see here

idobelieveinfairies Tue 03-Feb-09 19:19:53

No i am not a twins in the family either, yes 2 sets of twins...actually the 2nd set was meant to be triplets but 1 didn't make it very early on...not sure when that one was concieved or whether it was 3 eggs or not.

No idea what causes it...but all my sisters are worried now grin

HeadFairy Tue 03-Feb-09 19:34:34

Crikey Tomarto, the thought of having to go through it all again a month after the first one shock!

I know twins who are born on different days, but that's because they were 7 hours apart and born across midnight, but a month apart is crazy!

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