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30 weeks vomiting and diarroreah and listeria question

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Princeonthemove Fri 30-Jan-09 10:34:07

It seems to have only lasted 24 hours and I have been to the hospital where they monitored me; the baby had gone very quiet throughout the vomiting episode. I feel a bit better now but I am paranoid about some frozen cream I ate jut before I became unwell. It was just frozen whipped cream which I had got out of the freezer. I had let it soften for a couple of hours but it was still quite hard and cold when we ate it. I am now googling listeria madly and convinced this is what has made me so sick.
Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

CaptainKarvol Fri 30-Jan-09 13:25:03

a couple of thoughts - listeria is rare, most often causes a flu-ey illness, most likely to get it from cook-chill meals, pre-prep salads, soft cheeses, not frozen cream. Average time for the illness to develop is 30 days (so not normally right after you ate something).

If your cream was pasturised it won't have had listeria - pasturisation kills the bug.

Hows the baby now?

If you are still worried, see your GP or midwife or both - there are tests for listeria infection if you are really worried.

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Fri 30-Jan-09 13:25:15

Poor you, sounds awful

Im not an expert but I might have expected listeria to have lasted longer than 24hrs, could be coincidence and a buge? Either way its good you are feeling better.

Re baby movements, when I had a bug in 2nd trimester, baby went very quiet. But the day after when I felt better, it was like someone had given it speed grin

Princeonthemove Fri 30-Jan-09 13:37:25

Thanks so much both for your replies. The baby is moving well now and though far from feeling brilliant, I am miles better. I find it really hard to get perspective on anything as I have had an infection in pregnancy before which ended in stillbirth, so it is really useful to get an opinion beyond my own worrying.

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Fri 30-Jan-09 13:55:09

glad baby is moving more now. Sorry to hear that you experienced a still birth.

Hope everything goes well with this pregnancy- are you being induced early this time?

CaptainKarvol Fri 30-Jan-09 14:37:16

I'm not surprised you are worried in that casesad. I'm glad your baby is moving more now. I hope you feel totally better soon.

Princeonthemove Fri 30-Jan-09 16:32:59

Thank you very much. It has been a tough haul so I suppose that is why I am so afriad at falling at the last hurdle as it were. Yes, being induced at 37 weeks. Not long to go.

GYoIsReallyHavingABaby Fri 30-Jan-09 17:06:30

All the best- dont forget to post an announcement!

Should be about the same time as me, im due 17th March!

Good luck!

Princeonthemove Fri 30-Jan-09 17:11:58

I will, and thanks again. Good luck to you too!

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