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Strange experiences!!

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AnotherHelen Wed 06-Apr-05 14:03:18

Hiya everyone! i know i probably sound abit (or alot!)
loopy but since i got pregnant i can hear a mans voice
voice coming from my kids bedroom! its not a scary as
it sounds and at first i was a little bothered, i cant
quite make out what he is saying, but he seems to be
talking to my boys who are 2 and 4! i heard him
recently when my eldest was crying at something and
this voice seemed to be comforting him or thats how it
sounded! i have heard it with both other pregnancy's
(same house) but i never hear it unless i am pregnant!
i knew the day i heard it, before my second came along
that i hadnt heard it since last time i was pregnant
and straight away i thought im pregnant! that was a
week before my period was due, and i was! then it went
away as soon as baby wa born! The same thing happened
this time too! i heard it and then a week later found
out i was pregnant! i still hear him sometimes now and
have asked my eldest if he talks to anyone other than
his little brother, he simply said yes all the time
its a nice old man and he sits on my bed! is it
possible to be more sensitive to 'things' when your
pregnant or is it pregnancy induced mania! lol! just
curious to know if anyone else had experienced
anything similar??? xxxxx
Sorry not a mental case honest!

fastasleep Wed 06-Apr-05 14:07:29

Yikes Helen, that's scary! I read in a (rather strange) developmental book that babies can 'see angels' and will often 'look and smile at seemingly empty/boring parts of the room they are in and even babble at them (because there are angels there)' my DS did kind of do that for a while although I never sat there wondering if it was an angel!

The only slightly weird thing I had last time was that I had a very vivid dream in which this little voice piped up from my belly; 'Mummy, Call me Esteban!!'...and I woke up and had to tell my DH...we both thought it was hilarious and we called him Theo by the way lol

AnotherHelen Wed 06-Apr-05 14:17:56

BIG LOL!!! thats funny fastasleep!!!!
It just makes me laugh how some people i know have the most bizarre experiences when they are pregnant that they dont get at any other time! my mum said she could always see a man standing to the side of her quite far away from her but as her pregnancy progressed he got closer and closer! - she always felt it was like a protection thing getting stronger and stronger! maybe we are just all mad and bonkers in my family hahahahaha xxxx

gothicmama Wed 06-Apr-05 14:20:16

It is possible you are more sensitive at the mo perhaps some of teh posters on teh spirituality board will be able to help more

smellymelly Wed 06-Apr-05 14:21:50

How amazing!

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