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God my back is absloutly killing me and still have 12 weeks to go. Can't even sit for more than 2 mins

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chloejessmeg Thu 29-Jan-09 00:11:28

I am 28 weeks. I am in agony with my back. It REALLY hurts.

Having trouble just sitting to post this. I have a hot water bottle on my back. Have taken paracetamol, Dh has given me a massage - what else can I do?

A nice bath may help. My friend had what you are experiencing,when she went to the docs he diagnosed SPD for her.

chloejessmeg Thu 29-Jan-09 00:19:58

I have had a bath too sad.

My eyes are going funny - I am not exagerating, it is as painful as labour (not the actual birth, but the labour part - contractions etc).

chloejessmeg Thu 29-Jan-09 00:25:21

I have just looked up SPD and it definatly looks like a possibility. And if I do have it, I probably had it last time too as I had the same pain.

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