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BPA in bottles etc ANOTHER thing to worry about

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PCM Wed 28-Jan-09 12:28:29

When searching for a Dr Browns steriliser on the internet I came across all this information on BPA in babys bottles (Bisphenol A a material in plastic) and some American sites mentioned it being in formula tins. I have been so worried since I phoned dr Browns and they said it is in their bottles but at a safe level and nothing would be on the shelves that was not safe and Aptamil assured me that also no issue with formula. I have found botles made by MAM that are BPA free however they are quite cheap which also makes me worry!!! Should I change to BPA free bottles dd is 14 weeks old and I stopped breast feeding 2 weeks ago used dr browns hoping the transition would be easier - going well - would be grateful to hear if anyone else worried or for someone to tell me I am worrying unnecessarily.

Rosa Wed 28-Jan-09 12:43:34

There has been several threads about it in the past . I for one do not believe what is said about there being no long term effects and I prefer to use non BPA products and I do not heat anything in them - sippy cups and when I used bottles I swapped to non BPA. Also for the tack plates / cups disney characters etc I never cut food one them and wash by hand. Try telling a 2 yr ols that the food is just as nice on a plain plate as A princess one.

PCM Wed 28-Jan-09 13:10:28

Rosa which bottles, sippy cups did you use tommee tippee say all table wear is bpa free and did you not heat milk how did you make bottles did you use cool bolied water. What steriliser did you use are they bpa free sorry about all the questions but so concerned

Rosa Wed 28-Jan-09 14:37:04

I live in Italy so the makes are a bit different. My dd still drinks from a bottle ( 2.8) but I heat the milk in a glass jug in the microwave. I used to do the bottles the same way. Heat the water in a glass jug in the microwave and then put in bottle. I use a cold water steriliser ( I have a second dd 12 weeks) She is bf at the moment but I will be using the same bottles and I might invest in some MAM ones when am in the Uk as they are cheaper.
If you go on the BPA site I am sure that there are links to products that are BPA free .

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